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Nov 8, 2007

Moving Boxes

I hope that y'all aren't as lost and confused as Vanessa Hudgens is because you don't know where you could find brand new updates from your humble narrator.

If you don't know, then you know cause you can find the empire at its home: skeetonmischa.tumblr.com. It's fun and flirty, but sort of a broken record right now; yadda yadda....strike this....strike that...yadda.

Anyways, hope that you make the move over and don't worry about having to update your links.

Nov 1, 2007


Okay, so I just saw a story about John Mark Karr and the woman whose happily in love with him. It creeped me out big time. I nearly lost my lunch like the time when that over weight couple violently and passionately made out on the jumbotron at the Dodgers game (Hey, Frank McCourt way to challenge Artie Mureno on the quest to be the west coast version of the Yankees).

Any ways, ripping off Spencer Sloan, I'm going to do some posting over here for a minute or two.

A Piece of Advice; From Me to You

If you're a gutter punk, you just can't sleep on the beach with a couple of regular blankets, let alone a pink blanket. You guys can't be gutter punks like that. Your name says it all, gutter punks, so you should be sleeping on the street or in an alley somewhere. Not on a nice beach with some comfy blankets as the sun sets. If you're just putting out the vibe that you're just really into The Lost Boys. Either you want to become a vampire or meet up with Cory Feldman & Cory Haim and fight some vampires later on that night. Catching a quick disco nap before a long night of fighting off blood suckers.

Oct 30, 2007

Michelle, My Belle

A Terrence Malick Film Going into Production as soon as March of Next Year!!!!!! Amazing, great, brilliant, awesome news! I wonder who his cinematographer is going to be? Emmanuel Lubezki? Harris Savides? Ellen Kuras? Roger Deakins? I could care less about the cast; it's honestly all about the cinematographer with a brand new Malick film. I hope it's either Emmanuel Lubezki or Darius Khondji, but maybe Malick will come through and just shock the nerd community with his choice.

This is my attempt at being a normal blogger; I hope it goes well. So, I saw a piece on the TMZ show about Dallas Cowboy quarterback Tony Romo (there’s a small part of me that wants to call him, Tony Roma’s) partying with Britney Spears over the weekend. Apparently, the Cowboys are having a great season and in the past this Romo character has been linked with some pretty decent famous girls in the past such as Sophia Bush and the surprisingly and increasingly hot Carrie Underwood. While here at the Empire, we find hot mess, I can’t take care of my kids, let alone manage to put on a pair of clean undies, but for a cat like Tony Romo, he could do so much, much better than Britney Spears. A man of Tony Romo’s stature should be hanging out with a “I’m A Slave For You” era Britney Spears; not Kevin Federline’s sloppy seconds. Tony Romo should be sticking around with a girl like Carrie Underwood or if he wants to slut it up, then holler at Eva Angelina or somebody of that particular caliber. Britney Spears of today is kind of like pop music version of Norma Desmond. Just wait for it, you’ll see what I mean. There’ll be some aspiring singer floating in her pool one day.

And I’m watching TMZ; I’ll be honest with you, I love TMZ: the TV show. I honestly try to watch it every night. I can’t explain why I watch it. Maybe it’s the “What the fuck” expression on Harvey Levin’s face every time he’s pitched a story or finally putting a face behind the woman who mysteriously fills my inbox with e-mail alerts about the David Copperfield investigation. Anyways, I’m watching the show the other night and they’re doing a story about Kate Hudson’s Halloween Party and all of the famous people who went to it. It seemed if you were either an above the line talent or an assistant or the assistant for Kate Hudson’s manager and agent, you probably had to be there. This is when I realized that I could never ever be famous. With fame and celebrity comes with the constant media attention and what not, but also comes that unwritten rule that you’re instantly best friends with other famous people because who else can understand what you’re going through, right? I don’t know if I could ever be friends with Kate Hudson or a person of a similar nature. If I can’t manage to make it out to catch the latest Kate Hudson picture, what makes me think I could go to her party? I’d go if I knew that Kurt Russell was going to be there because I’d want to meet him and talk about John Carpenter movies, but other wise than that, I don’t know if I could manage to be a room with a bunch of famous people. Large groups of white people tend to scare me a great deal.

At the same time, it goes to show that famous people are normal people just like you and me. You know that some guy was dragged to the party by his girlfriend as if he was being dragged to Karen from accounting’s party.

A potentially surprising fact about me, I don’t really like Halloween as a holiday. Obviously, I’m not the son of a dentist because post Halloween cavity season may have put many pairs of spiffy sneakers upon my feet. I just don’t know, but I haven’t been a fan ever since the fourth grade when I got a black eye from some guy who ran into me. He cried, I didn’t. It’s a holiday that I could do with, personally speaking. Nobody needs candy these days. Let’s try to be healthy for a change, America. Let’s have a holiday that encourages people to eat healthy and exercise.

Then again, if I had somebody to go to a costume party or two with, then I’d probably hum a whole new tune.

Apparently, somebody other than frequent commentors Najork & C-Dice reads this because the extremely funny Garth Marenghi’s “Darkplace” is coming to Adult Swim starting November 9th. Get Excited!

Also, the very excellent and very important and very necessary documentary No End in Sight is now available on DVD. Order it from Amazon, rent it from Netflix. Just watch this film by any means necessary. I’d give copies of the film away as Christmas gifts, but that’d be a shitty gift for any Republicans on my shopping list.

Get Excited! about the possibility of A-Fraud coming to the Angels. The Angels need a big hitter and Angles owner Artie Moreno wants to be the west coast version of George Steinbrenner, so it only makes sense. It beats fucking Barry Bonds, new general manager guy.

The thing about Anton Corbijn’s feature debut Control is that at first, the film feels exactly like every other musical biopic to come out within the last few years. The structure of the story is pretty much the same. Marriage problems, troubles dealing with fame and success, etc. Yet, the more I think about the film, the better and better the film becomes. Control is a very haunting film that will stick with you for a few days and most likely make you buy every Joy Division album that you can get your hands upon. It’s a rather dark and bleak film, but thanks in large to Corbijn and his cinematographer Martin Ruhe, Control is a visually rich and striking film. For a film that’s about music, it’s a largely quiet film that allows one to get lost in the black and white cinematography. The performances are amazing; in particular and it goes without saying, Sam Riley as Ian Curtis, one of the best performances of the year. Control is not only one of the best films of the year, but the best musical biopic thus far.

Oct 29, 2007

No More Bad Town aka Fish & Chips

I think I saw an article a couple of weeks back somewhere or in many places about the failure of adult dramas recently as well as the failure of Iraq War related dramas at the box office and with critics. The marketplace is over crowded with films for the adults when a majority of the theater going public would rather watch the Rock take care of a small child or people getting poked with sharp objects for 90 minutes instead of Jake Gyllenhaal dealing with the rights and wrongs involved in torturing an alleged terror suspect.

Perhaps the main reason why people are staying away in droves because these Iraq films aren’t very good and who wants to spend money just to be bummed out by what’s going on with the world? Also, I personally think it’s just too soon to watch films about what’s going on. We need a little more time and distance and space before we can watch films about what’s going on with the world. Or more importantly, if anybody wants to watch a film about the war in Iraq, they should just watch Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket. On the newly remastered DVD, there’s a mini documentary about the making of the film and there’s a great line from cinematographer/director Ernest Dickerson about the film. Dickerson basically said that Kubrick made a film about urban warfare. Not only the Vietnam, but also fighting a war in an urban environment and I don’t think any film out there now or coming out within the next year or two will be able tackle warfare in such a strange and weird and urban environment the way that Kubrick has with
Full Metal Jacket

That film is over twenty years old, but still holds to this date, if not it’s strangely more relevant today. I mean it goes without saying, but that new Stanley Kubrick box set is essential and very, very, very necessary.

Speaking of very, very, very necessary: “42nd Street Forever Volume 3: Exploitation Explosion” comes out in January 2008. The first two volumes were nothing sort of outstanding; so hopefully the third installment will be just as good. Now only if we could get a decent wide screen release of Raiders of Atlantis on DVD, then everything would be just kosher, wouldn’t it?

Well, not really. There’s a lot of bullshit going on in the world that’ll probably never ever be solved. The Red Sox won the World Series again. Something is definitely not right in the world if that can happen, again. Something is of course wrong with the world if I’ve found myself enjoying songs by Spank Rock. Something has to, just has to be wrong with the world cause whenever I try to record “Zoey 101: Curse of the PCA” on DVR, it never ever records or just disappears all together from the programming grid. Something has to be wrong with the world, just has to be wrong with the world if we all know who Brody Jenner is.

I know that it may be very in vogue to complain about “30 Rock” these days, but the problem with it this season, is so simple to solve. Remember during the first season how pretty much every episode was about Jack and Liz Lemon. Those were usually the A & B storylines with a fairly decent C storyline involving Tracy Jordan. Then the writers would weave the supporting characters into each of the storylines and occasionally giving one of the said characters their own storyline. The show would go weeks without featuring the Jena character and it’d be great. It was funny and it was consistently. Yet now, it seems as if “30 Rock” is playing it a little too safe. The storylines are spread too thin this season. There’s a Kenneth the Page storyline cause people love Kenneth; there’s a Tracy storyline; there’s a Jack storyline; there’s a Liz Lemon storyline and there’s a Jenna storyline. It’s too much. They need to scale back a tiny bit and just have characters like Kenneth, Pete, and Jenna just pop into storylines and be funny. It’s just too much. It’s still good and better than most shows today.

So, I guess that the Blood Brothers broke up, total bummer. But Johnny, the main vocalist of the Blood Brothers is in a new band called Jaguar Love with another dude from the Blood Brothers and J. Clark formerly of Pretty Girls Make Graves. They’re going to be at Cine Space on Tuesday night if you want to brave that social cluster fuck. I’d go, but I’d probably wear something plaid and give off the appearance of trying way too hard. Jaguar Love is also opening up for Queens of the Stone Age at their show tonight at the Nokia Theater in Downtown. The thing about the new band is that it sounds an awful lot like the Blood Brothers just a bit slower and not as chaotic and maybe a bit more jazzier and mellower; it’s kind of Neon Blonde, but not as upbeat.

Can somebody please explain the appeal of the Saw films to me? I was watching one of those Bravo specials about the scariest movies ever made and the special naturally featured clips from a couple of the Saw pictures and I just didn’t get it. So, it’s basically 90 minutes of people being forced to do horrible and terrible things to themselves and others in order to live? And there’s a bunch of jump cuts and shitty, hacky editing techniques as well? I’m not a fan of the Hostel films, but at least Eli Roth has an interesting visual style behind his films. I just don’t understand the appeal of these movies beyond Miike’s masterful Audition. That film is a masterpiece of torture horror because it fucks with your head and you actually care about the main character. These films, granted I haven’t watched any of the films, but it seems that the characters in the Saw films are just presented together in some room and basically cut each other up without any back story or any history given, right? I understand the appeal of horror films. I’d consider a fairly decent fan of the genre, but I enjoy a horror film with a certain degree of style to it. Why can’t the young folks be into movies like Suspiria? Why can’t the troubled youth of today appreciate a sequence like this one[NSFW]? It’s still scary and gross and disturbing, but look at the production design! Look at the cinematography! It’s a violent act, but it’s still beautiful.

Maybe it’s a lost cause like a girl wearing glasses even though she doesn’t need them. She just wants that cute, nerdy girl vibe coupled in with that handsome actor affect. Or perhaps a better statement is: maybe, it’s a lost cause like trying to find a photo of Audrey Kitching without any make up on.

And finally, Lars and the Real Girl is good. People should watch it. It’s funny. It’s weird. It’s a little bit touching. Ryan Gosling is excellent. Paul Schneider needs to be in more movies; he’s good. Kelli Garner is kind of like a hotter version of Sarah Polley (I need to watch The Sweet Hereafter, by the by). Everybody’s good in it. Sure, the film turns up the quirky factor a little too much, but it’s still good. It should be noted that the audience I saw the film had me a bit confused at the beginning. The trailer for Juno was attached to and it didn't get many laughs; I started to worry that if they weren't laughing at Juno, I'm going to be the only one who'll like this film. It'd be like The New World all over again. Yet they got it and were into it.

Oct 24, 2007

The Karyn Meeting

I don’t mean to bum everybody out, but the fires in Southern California are still weighing very heavily on my mind. You know, there’s nothing that I could do other than hope and pray and hope some more and pray some more and check in with the people that I love and care about who may or may not be in fire danger. You know, just gotta let the fire fighters do their job to the best of their ability and hope that Mother Nature becomes a major buddy and does a solid. I understand the need and the desire to stare and gawk at the fire; take a cool picture and put it on Flickr or whatevs, but maybe, it’s for the best if we let the firefighters do their thing and watch for coverage on the TV and the intranet. Another thing about the fire or at least the way it’s being handled aside for the OC Fire Authority chief and politician Todd Spitzer (I think I may have voted for him, I can’t recall)’s collective flare up about the inability to use helicopters yesterday, but the state government has been doing an amazing job the past couple of days. Yes, it is a state of emergency and people will need government assistance to help them back on their feet, but I think the last thing that Southern California right now is a visit from GW Bush. I believe I read in the LA Times on Tuesday morning that Bush was somewhat reluctant on releasing cots and other supplies from Camp Pendleton to Qualcomm Stadium. It’s just a photo op and I don’t think he’s going to do some wondrous magic to help stop the fire or rebuild peoples’ homes. Just let the Governator keep on doing what he’s doing and we’ll be kosher like a sandwich from Canter’s.

Now, I worry about a couple of things. One, in the next local election, it’ll become a battle between politicians about how much they love and care and support the firefighters and how we need more equipment and support for firefighters. The firefighters of Southern California deserve all of the best equipment, supplies, whatever they want because if anything is a real and scary danger out here, it’s a fire. Yeah, an earthquake will be a major problem, if one ever hits. Where as fires, they tend to happen right around October every year. Get on the trolley, Scaratomatoe and pass more laws to help out with the people that are breaking their backs to save houses and places of business.

I also worry that all of this endless fire coverage is beginning to take a toll on some people. Hand to god, I was walking into a supermarket yesterday afternoon, humming the opening keyboard part of the Mika Miko song, “The Dress,” and this old guy who was leaving the supermarket hummed the same part back at me. So, either old guys are getting cooler and into Mika Miko or people are just losing their mind watching endless hours of aerial footage of Stevenson Ranch burning.

Although, I’d say this though I wish that TMZ or more of a show similar in nature was more involved with the local fire coverage. I’d like to hear Zannessa’s opinion about the fire as well as their thoughts on Britney’s new album.

And now a moment of brevity: Twins!

Back to the stupid stuff that we’d rather talk about because it’s less of a bummer than politics and stuff burning down.

I tried to watch “Heroes” the other night, but I didn’t understand anything that was going on. That Conor Obsert guy is in Ireland for some reason and that fat cop guy from “Alias” was stuck in a jail with a backwards talking guard and these horrible, just awful electricity things shot out of Kristen Bell’s fingers. Thankfully, I got a phone and missed the whole rest of the show. I can understand why the ratings have been slipping this season. The show sucks again, but the sucking is on whole other level. I know that there are people who are caught up in the show because they have to know what happens next, but I’m telling that if you skip a couple of episodes, you’ll be good. You do not need to subject yourself to the “acting” of that Conor Obsert guy or whatever that spilt personality lady ever again or clog up your DVR with unwatched episodes of it when your DVR could be filled with hilarious episodes, well, I don’t know what show is hilarious right now. I’m a couple of weeks behind on my stories. Either way, it’s a win win situation. People, I have faith that if I can walk away, you can walk away too. And if you have to know what’s happening with just check out the Wikipedia article.

Why is Perez Hilton in magazines and on TV when he’s nowhere as funny or as interesting or as talented as the Thigh Master? Come on, the dude invented sliploos, what did Perez Hilton ever give the world? That “Leave Britney Alone” guy, right?

And Twins!

Somebody told Megan Fox that I didn’t think she was that hot, then she started to crack up and then said, “Yeah, right,” then high fived her publicist who said, “BOOSH!”. Even though I think Diablo Cody is a wee bit over rated as a writer. I read a draft of Juno and honestly, who hasn’t read a draft of it in this town? It’s a good script, but that thing she’s going to do with Megan Fox actually sounds pretty killer. Hope they get a solid director to do it. No whammies and no music video directors unless it’s like Anton Corbijn or Jonas Akuerland.

Still haven’t seen Control yet, but things have been crazy lately. One of these days. Anybody else seen it yet? I have a list of movies I need to see as long as Jesse James' nightgown.

I saw The Darjeeling Limited a week or two ago, but haven’t gotten around to writing about it. I liked it. Didn’t love it. Didn’t hate it either. I liked it. I liked a lot more than The Life Aquatic. Do I think that Wes Anderson needs to destroy the Wes Anderson as somebody have suggested? No or at least not right now. I think he needs to take a break and just hang out in Texas again.

Mark Wahlberg may have been in a few of my favorite films and was most recently great in Scorsese’s The Departed, but he can’t fill the shoes of Ryan Gosling. Granted, I probably wasn’t going to watch Lovely Bones in the first place, but I would’ve strongly considered it. Here’s the thing though, Peter Jackson made a really boring movie with all of his post LOTR clout and I honestly believe that he’d make another really boring movie with another set of decent actors that puts me to sleep. I never read the book, which the film is based on, so I don’t know if it’s an edgy or interesting piece, but from what I read of it, it sounds like a bit of a bummer. I’m not into bummers these days. Perhaps, Ryan Gosling made the right choice in leaving the project.

The director approved remastered Criterion edition of Days of Heaven is out in stores right now. Pick up a copy, then buy the best and biggest TV you could afford.

And Twins! Although, I think I’m now starting to realize that they probably aren’t twins, but just regular sisters. Either way, it should be in a commercial for PBR, if they ever make commercials for PBR. Cool Kid Twins.

Oct 22, 2007

This is the part of the movie where they play a Explosions in the Sky song

I don't know if it's going to be in poor taste to say, but either way, I may not be saying "holy smokes" for a while.

I hope that everybody in San Diego and in Malibu and in Lake Arrowhead and in the Inland Empire and perhaps, the closest to my heart, everybody in the Irvine/Foothill Ranch and their pets are out of harm's way and safe. The Santiago Canyon is perhaps the worst of all, since, it appears to be caused by arson.

Stay safe, stay strong Southern California people. Much, much respect to the overworked and just awesome firefighters of Southern California.

Oct 16, 2007

Give Me A Minute...

Not stopping again. Some shit came up. It's kind of serious. Real serious. I'm not going to say real talk because Andre Three Stacks won't trust me anymore. So, other things are sort of more important than me eventually complaining about how disappointed by 30 Days Of Nights. I mean, will eventually get to the point where I'll complain about 30 Days of Night. Just give me this week and maybe next week?

If you're ever in the Atlanta area, I highly suggest stopping at Hand in Hand for a drink. Granted before I went there I did a serious work out and had a semi Mexican shower, so it could explain why I got so drunk, but I had a real great time there and they'll treat you right.

Also, just because one has over a million friends on MySpace and fake boobies, doesn't mean that they should have their own TV series, Tila Tequilia and MTV. TV personalities need a little something called a personality. Fake boobies can only take a person to what... a so-so appearance on the Stern show?

And on that show, "Pageant Place", why is Miss Teen USA dating the guy from "Color Me Badd" or at least somebody who aspires to have facial like a member of a group akin to Color Me Badd? Come on, Miss Teen USA could do better than that. Where's Shia Labeouf?