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Jul 29, 2004

all these things that i've learned

two things that i've learned since my attendence of the angels/rangers game tonight:

1) don't fumble around with your picture phone while outfielder chone figgins is warming up because he'll probably throw a baseball in your direction and it'll smash into your left arm, like it did with me tonight. the ball bounced off my arm and into the stands and some dude just grabbed it. isn't there such a thing as common deceny amongst men over foul balls that destroy peoples arms? you would think that the dude seeing the ball bounced off my arm would give it to me, but no. the guy was a selfish asshole. it should be noted that figgins saw that i wasn't on the ball as well as potential mvp candiate, vladmir 'giggles' guerroro tossed me a ball to keep. so yeah, if you're gonna sit in the home run section, don't fuck around with your camera phone no matter how sexy it may be. and mine is pretty sexy. its got a picture of rachel bilson on it and a flaming lips song as its ringtone. so i have a large bump on my left arm; put a cold beer to reduce the swelling.

second thing, i learned:
carl's jr's bbq chicken sandwich is amazing.

going down to san diamas on thursday morning. hoping to run into bill & ted while i'm in town or at least see the coolest napolean of all time, napolean bonerpart.

ps. fuck rollingstone.com's ringtone of usher's "yeah"; so not worh 2 bucks.

"you have eyes like a gorillia"


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