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skeet on mischa

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Jul 30, 2004

i've attempted far too many times to write about my trip on thursday to raging waters, but really it boils down to these few things:
-getting sun block in your eyes is one of the most painful experinces i've encountered in my whole life. it hurt more than having a baseball thrown at my arm by chone figgins.
-mexican people really do swim in their clothes and some even swim in sexy, lacey black cammies.
-raging waters has way better rides than wild rivers, but longer lines.
-jail bait a hoy, yet ironically, i did not feel painfully old nor out of place at raging waters
-the latina britney spears ('baby one more time' era) or latina teagan presely works as a lifeguard there.
-the real life version of kip & lafawnduh were there and they popped each other's zits while in line or they were adult film stars or they were both and popped its each other backne.
-44 oz white cherry flavored icees make you sick.
-the ridve, 'the vortex' is basically what i assumed my birf was like. cold, dark, wet, and scary. at the end, i was struggling for air.
-you pretty much need at 3 other people with you to have a full on 'raging' time.
-there are bees every where, so you may want to rock a bee keeper's helmet.

-thriller:a cruel picture, the sweedish revenage film that was 'homaged' in tarantino's bloody brilliant kill bill gets a limited dvd release. i got mine, so you better get yours cause i'm not the one to loan out movies.

-new g-unit mix tape!!! featuring alot of stuff from the recently leaked young buck album and newest member of g-unit, game. i'm still waiting on the yayo mix tape.

-"right side of the bed" by arteyu is my new fav metalcore video. not only does it feature a paris hilton look alike with bad implants, but it features gratious HxC kids guitar riff finger thing and air guitar action as well as 'xxx' belt action.

and finally,

i saw the bee girl last night at dinner. shes' a waitress now and lives in my home town.


At 9:20 AM , Anonymous Magnus said...

Bee-girl.......made me think of Melon and Shannon and the guys.....then I just got sad....why is it that nobody seems to care about the art of writing and producing real music anymore, they only seem to do it for everyone else than themselves....
witch is what makes it suck sooo bad.... ps: Andy Wallace, you rock!


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