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skeet on mischa

i wouldn't have given you it if i didn't agree

Jul 21, 2004

-pitchpork reports that 'seth cohen' rock poster kids death cab for cutie have plans to tour with pretty girls make graves in the fall. expect lots of guys wearing penguin shirts with their girlfriends who'll look as if urban outfitters threw up all over them; in other seth cohen rock news, postal service's cover of phil collins lands on the soundtrack to a lame josh hartnett film

-everybody's favorite, but not mine, film, napolean dynamite gets a wider release and a new ending; how about this instead, an explanation as to who the woman that showed up to uncle rico's van at the end or just a cohesive plot.

-while i have not listened to all of ashlee simpson's album(its in the car), but i'll tell you this much, she's basically the disney channel's version of courtney love; she aspires to rock like pat bentar, but ends up sounding like the lady who sang "bette davis eyes" doing blondie covers. she lost some cred cause she shouts out benji & joel from good charolette in the linear notes. its a good starting record for your 11 year old sister, you know if you want to be a rocker or something.

-stern to be sued by clear channel for doing what they hired him to do. in other stern news, they're still not letting anybody else join their message board

-stereogum shows us that brit-brit's boy toy has a pair of nikes for every day of the week laces sold separetly.

-variety reports michael bay will produce a prequel to texas chainsaw massacre remake

-ratatat recently released a remix album and its a very calming, relaxing hip hop album. if jay-z makes a comeback, he should get them to do a beat or two.


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