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skeet on mischa

i wouldn't have given you it if i didn't agree

Jul 20, 2004

shaq promises to bring the title to miami and talked about how he likes to be naked on the beach; meanwhile the la lakers want to bring it back to '91 with the signing of the flopmeister general,vlade!. i'm going to miss shaq press conferences; for who else on the lakers is going to call the sacremento kings, 'the queens' and call himself, "the nfl's best basketball player".

sadly, my dog has a golden band aid on her front paw and has been sleeping on a purple blanket. she's unknowningly repping the lakers and i'm not sure if she wants to.

aicn has an excellent interview with zombie film demi god, george romero on his next zombie epic, land of the dead. it can be read here. apparently the budget for the new film is in the 'teens' of millions; i loved romero's thoughts on the recent dawn of the dead remake: "a hot action flick".

the fever’s “gray ghost” which has to be one of the better music videos i’ve seen in a long time; not to mention, the song is super catchy and i feel utterly stupid for sleeping on the fever. they'll be in the orange county area on august 7th at the wee wee soaked heck hole with moving units. be there and feel really, really, really, really old.

new beck in october with the dusties behind the boards; when are we going to get a dust brothers solo album? or did that already come out and i totally slept on it?

i hate the fact that i like the new hives song. its so catchy and sounds exactly like a who song.

the company my father just started working for helps provide financing for indie films and he told me that they did the limey; my father, easily the smartest man i know, he can hand million dollar loans, but can not make a mix tape.

i love me alba zabla, but did the producers of fanstatic four completely miss out on the concept of kate busworth as sue storm?


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