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Jul 12, 2004

the thief's theme

its been a mean while, since i’ve sat down and wrote an epic. perhaps, i’ve become too consumed with partying with jessica alba, rachel bilson, and recently fired hair stylist and overall fonzie wanna be, brandon from “blow out”. my recent brush of fame as a political pundit for “on air with ryan seacrest”. a fleeting three minutes on a barely watched talk show unless you’re an eight year old girl with walls covered with pictures of clay aiken, can oddly enough open up alot of doors and land you alot of phone numbers. mandy moore’s number? got it. mischa barton? yup, i called her about some michael caine i had and she was all stoked, but her her line partner in crime was in rehab for an eating disorder; so she wasn’t really excited to play unless creepy mccreeperson aka my boyfriend came (boo!). its like i told robin brown before he left for a film festival, “just build your buzz, kid” and i took my own advice, turning a two minute segment on a low rated show into something out of a jay-z video directed by hype williams. lines, chrissy, crack pipes, beer, and sexy designer sunglasses.

seriously, all maliboobs is a bunch of range rovers, beemers, and neon signs. newport is so much more sleazier.

dr jerry buss is fucking up the lakers. to quote bill phalscke, “its not the heat, its the stupidity”.

the canadian power duo, death from above has changed their name to first to fight; pressure from the dfa record label and producing duo. i don’t know why people are flipping out like somebody who just saw fahrenheit 9/11. they’re still going to sound like death from above and you can still call them death from above, but when you go buy their album, it’ll be in the f section. not to mention, they’re gonna have the same push behind them that made the stills such a clear channel darling (don’t front, indie103 is a clear channel owned station). first to fight is still pretty tough and essentially, first to fight is fight music.

celebrity spotting:
-kevin disco of everybody’s favorite purveyors of sass, dance disaster movement and 60 watt kid, was spotted at an undisclosed urban outfitters in the southern california area. he wasn’t buying clothes, he works there and has to listen to the killers all day, which can be a good or a bad thing, depending upon who you are.
-oscar winning actress marisa tomei was slumming it on friday night at a bar in orange county with a hunky fire fighter. a friend of a friend refereed to tomei as “the girl from anger management” and not an oscar winner.
-mischa barfin was spotted not once, but twice this past week. each time she was spotted, she had food in front of her, a salad. yet when pressed for questions, these people provided no answers to the pressing questions, “did she look like she was on the blow”.

ashlee simpson in store appearance in orange county on july 25th at the best buy in costa mesa. its gonna be me and like 400 teenaged girls, rad.


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