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Jul 20, 2004

this is the part of the movie, where you...

with my past weekend, i just wanted somebody to say that line to me or say it to somebody. the best dog ever, nelson has been in and out of the vet from some pretty bad health problems, but she's out to prove the vets wrong because she's getting better and fighting the good fight. alot of stress and tears have been shed; we were hoping for the best and expecting the worst. we got the best and we're going to cherish every day we got left with her. she's probably 13 years old (we got her at the pond and they had no clue as to her age) and basically, her age has finally caught up with her. robin brown, hops, and evelynn all paid a visit on saturday night, our darkest hours and cheered me and my mother up. sitting around the table, eating pie, and making jokes about fat kids named andy and how all they think is candy and watching the trash cinema classic, get over it(gratuious mila kunis & kirsten dunst bikini action as well as gratious sisquo reaction shot action, so sexy).

i wished that my vet offered a frequent visitor like a sandwich shop may have. you know, you've gotten this many x-rays, and when you get your sixth one, its on the house; something like that. instead of that forced conversation about how they love your dog and want her to get better. as sick as it sounds, when we took her to the urgent care center for over night care, i prefer that vet beceause he was the most honest. he sat us down and basically said, that you know what, nelson may not make through the night, she's pretty sick as opposed to saying she's going to be normal. i prefer a sense of pemistic optimism.

so please excuse my lack of updates. i have good reasons.

-first to fight, formeley known as death from above has changed their name again, to DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979; i dunno, still sounds lame and as some say its shades remiscenet of fellow canadian rockers, sum41!.
-defamer ran a piece of "the oc" kids been spotted around la and warning everybody who attends an 'indie' show, will probably see them. i'm going to the rilo kiley show on friday night; i'll be on the prowl, but if i see rachel bilson, i'll probably cream my designer jeans and i'll have to tie a sweater around my waist, the rest of the night, such a good look, the look of a 30 year old woman with a big ass. although, what can be worst than ruining or enchancing your jeans because you see a goddness known as rachel b, is that you run into somebody who knows you from lsp like the two weeks you were on there and they strike up awkward convos with you in between bands. i usually say, "no whammies" over and over again at rilo kiley shows and so far, its worked; well the one time, i did it.
-speaking of the oc kids, i saw an interview with adam brody at the fox launch party, here's what trasnpered:

reporter: so what's happening on this upcoming season of "the oc"?
brody: no fucking clue.
i think that people love seth cohen, but just have a general disdain for adam brody.

since, i'm on the morning shift of the nelson health care party plan, i will most likely not be one of the first 500 people to purchase ashlee simpson's hit album, "autobiography" at the costa mesa best buy today and will not be able to make to the in store this coming sunday. oh well, i'm going to wake up at the crack of dawn to see my ash-ash on seacrest a week from today.


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