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Jul 25, 2004

you gonna let me in with this nine

apparently, i think i'm better than everybody cause i'm from the oc, which couldn't be more further than the truth. if you knew me, really, really, really, really, really knew me, you would know that i think so less of myself because i live behind the orange curtain.

sure, i may live a life style that is mildly atypical of a character from a hit television series that glamourizes my home, but i'm so far from it.

sure, i wear paul frank shirts, but he's not my friend by any strencth of the imagination.

so, i drive a car with a gps system, xm radio installed, leather seats and a in dash 6 disc cd changer; but its a fucking honda and its covered with bird shit and i can't even park it in a car port because every time i try i get a panic attack.

all right, i have an am ex card, but the fact is, the only reason i have it, is so i can build a decent line of credit. my father, the banker explained this to me, so when i buy home, it'll be alot easier cause i'll have good credit.

so if one is going to attack me becauses i live in orange county, they should think before they launch into some ill convinced attack. not to mention, one should not go up to a person and just touch their hair. its a thing called spacial issues. further more, the night in question had been the first night in nearly week that i left my house when it was going to the vet or going back in 15 minutes due to the health status of my dog, so being on the phone, to check in on my dog and to see if she's taken her meds, isn't being rude, its just being a cocerned pet owner.

so in other words, if you think i'm an asshole because i'm more interested in my dog than you. then frankly, i want nothing to do with you and your shitty life style.

with that off of my chest....

-young buck's solo debut, "straight outta ca$hville" has leaked; you may find it here. here's the problem with the solo albums from the g-unit; both albums lack that perfect blend of gun raps and club anthems. lloyd banks wants to do club anthems, yet ends up sounding like method man on a couple of tracks and young buck wants to be exactly like 50, but his rhymes are transparent and seem to follow 50's blueprint. although, the track, "bang bang" has a nice chipmunk soul sample of nancy sinatra's "bang bang (my baby shot me down)".

-paris hilton pulls a 'kirsten dumpst' on nick carter. frankly who cares? we all knew that paris could do better than a pudgy boy member with hair like david la chappelle (the uncool chappelle).

-the hives' new album, "tryannosaurs hives" is the musical equilvent of oreos for me. they taste great when you first open them up, you can't stop eating them, but eventually, they get stale. so right now, i'm in the phase where i think the album is great, but ask me in a week or two from now, i'm probably not even listening to it anymore.

-the either much loved or hated, depending upon the day of the week band, franz ferdinand is fixing to get automator on the fader for their next album personally, i just wish that automator would finish his solo album already or do another hip hop record. less rock, more kool keith! no release date for the new handsome boy modeling school effort, yet, but automator's rather lame team up with the bro from glassjaw, head automatica is touring with the cure this summer

-robert rodigruez & frank miller's sin city is getting alot of good buzz at comic con this past weekend, here and here. even though, i've heard that the film is going to be probably the most literal comic book big screen adaptation; i'm exteremly disappointed to discover that even though her character in the comics is either buck naked or topless for a majority time, jessica alba will not. boo! side note: robin 'hollywood' brown attended comic con and saw the coreys on a smoke break.

-catwoman has a disapointing openning weekend, who's surprised?

-defamer tells us that brit brit is a major sneekzer, but then again, who's surprised?

on friday night, i attended the rilo kiley record release show at the john anson ford amphitheater. random thoughts:
-best outdoor venue for a show. there's no such as a bad thing as bad seat; its very iminate and casual.
-rilo kiley had free face paintings, snow cones, and balloon animals. so just imagine all of the la hip kids eating snow cones and holding balloon doggies and dancing.
-no 'the oc' kids spotted or at least i did not see any. apparently tobey magiure was there, i believe i'm at the point with tobey magiure where i can't recongize him unless he's wearing the spider man costume or next to kirsten dumpst, which is sad. i did see two thirds of the sexy band, the like; although i always see their drummer at rilo kiley shows, so it doesn't count.
-the napolean effect; yeah, scene kids are dressing like him now, cept they're not rocking the snow boots yet.
-drinking some brews + ben gibbard acoustic=good times; although before i had my drink, i was on the verge of falling asleep during his set. everybody else woke up when jimmy tamborello and jenny lewis joined the stage for "such great heights." well, i assume that everybody was falling asleep during his set, but they probably weren't, if anything, rilo and death cab should probably tour together.
-rilo kiley did alot of new songs; they're good. they did mostly jenny songs; only two blake songs. they sounded good and they could be, i shudder to say this, but they could be vh-1 darlings, which i wouldn't mind because the less 14 year old kids at shows, the better i feel. all ages show=i feel super old; 21+ shows=feel super young.

if i did 'weird al' style paradoies, my new paradoy would be of the killers and their smash hit, "indie rock n roll" cept mine would be "indie rock moms" 'it's indie rock moms for me/its all i need'.

lloyd: hip hop and r&b's answer to clay aiken or just an abuser of weird 'cher' esque vocal effects?

ashlee simpson on ryan seacrest, tuesday afternoon. probably waking up at 5:30 in the morning to be the first line to get inside to see ashlee shake her ass and get softballs tossed at her.

don't forget that one of the best albums of the year comes out this tuesday. its entitled, "alphabetical" and its by phoenix. its as if brian wilson hung around with the band, air in france for a little while and decided to make a record.


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