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i wouldn't have given you it if i didn't agree

Aug 31, 2004

drop it like its hot...

two things, well really more than two things more like four things, but anyways...
-big ups to catch dubs for having a link to that new neptunes/snoop jawn (listen here) as well as giving our humble little blog a mention.

-i lost so much weight this morning, but only cause i found out that i didn't break one of my school's video cameras. yeah, from thursday until like 10:30 this morning, i lived in fear. this is what i'd believe a conversation between me and a professor about why i can't work in the studio and do camera work

me:i have this problem where after i work on a camera, i get extremely ill. my stomach is knots and i'm probably developing kindey stones. with each day until class and those fleeting moments where i step into class again, i live with a lump in my throat and a load waiting to drop in my shorts. with step i take into class, it feels like i'm stepping onto razor blades and i'm bleeding profusely. blood is flowing every where and once i get to this turnkit(mispelled; fanictic status) where i see that everything looks okay, everything is kosher, i breathe normal and feel as if i've lost fifty pounds. yet in turn, once i leave the classroom, it starts all over again."

professor:well, maybe you should drop the class.

me: no, its not a matter of the class, its just working 20,000 dollar cameras. so i can only direct or produce or be talent or do audio or get coffee. that is not stressful, dealing with a jc's money is.

although, contray to my belief, sweaty palms don't affect the zoom and focus control on a camera, but my add does. not to mention, i lost my touch, kumar steez, while working the switcher.

since class schedules won't work in favor for the old gang to get together for OC nights on thursday; i'm thinking about doing laguna beach nights, so if you'd be interested in co hosting those parties, holla at your nerd cause i don't like too many kids at my house these days. i'll bring over food or whatevs, you just provide the cable and a decent parking spot which doesn't require me backing out.

seriously, have you listened to that snoop song, yet? its redonklicous.

death from above 1979 tour dates. they say they're gonna do a couple of shows at the troubadour, but as some may know about death from above 1979, they absolutely hate playing in la; so i don't know, but the problem is that those dates fall right around when every single band in the world that puts on a decent live show is in town. who does one give their money to? the faint & tv on the radio shows? le tigre? wilco? that liars & blonde redhead show and now we got death from above 1979 destroying the troub?

Aug 30, 2004

its the end of you and me

“let me ask you a question, what don't you like?”-dave chapelle

i think that line pretty much sums this year’s vmas. nothing shocking, nothing scandalous, and most importantly, nothing interesting. excitement and a decent performance became this awards show ‘great pumpkin’ and i sat there like linus. hoping maybe chapelle would come on and make some joke about how much of an asshole will smith or there’d be some surreal moment like when jack white said thanks to the olsen twins.

i dunno, if i say, ‘worst vmas ever,’ i’d probably be wrong in a year or two from now. it was dull; even the bad years, at least moments where you could say, “oh, hey did you see it when jimmy fallon did that ryan seacrest impression? that’s kinda funny” (i only say kinda funny cause it kills me to admint that jimmy fallon did something funny for a change.) where as this, you’re like, those five minutes dave chapelle was on and when jojo presented were fucking out of sight, as the rest, i can’t even remember.

we at skeetonmischa, are huge fans of pop star jojo when she’s just being herself and being the most thugged out 13 year old this side of compton and when she finally came to the stage to do her thing, well, to be honest, we were rolling on the floor with laugther. i can’t get past how affected she’s become and the way, she talks. she’s like ali g, but its all legit.

don’t get me started on wanye being in the bubble at the vmas. when i saw that at whoachella, i nearly pooped myself, but on the vmas, it seemed a smidge cheap.

wasn’t it me or was the dude from yellowcard on the verge of tears when they won their award? not to mention, thank goodness that maroon 5 won best new artist and perhaps, they’ll be the next victim of its curse.

the forced push to get everybody and vote, you know what, don't mtv, give up because your program and your video rotation caters to fucking 13 years and last time, i checked, they don't vote. so why forced voting excitement down our throats again and again. i'm at the point of not wanting to vote to spite mtv and their efforts.

yet, oddly enough, what made me the most upset during the vmas were the promos for mtv’s upcoming fall line up and one show in particular. i can forgive giving jet the award for best rock video because frankly, they won’t be making music in three years from now; i can forgive alot of things, but one thing i can not forgive, is mtv’s upcoming show, ”laguna beach”.

the city of laguna beach is about a five minute drive from my house, okay. so in a way, i feel violated. mtv has brought camera crews into the little nooks and grannies of my loved/hated home turf to expose to the rest of the world. estentially, i worry about the after effects of this show and it’ll affect me and my daily life. i am very paraniod person with minor moments of ocd, so when i have people fucking my shit, i stress out or break out into hives and rashs, its not pretty. now with this show, “laguna beach” i have the biggest fear in the wide world that these one dimensional wanna be lindsay lohans and seth cohens are going to destroy my favorite spot for mexican food in all of the world.

its a diamond in the rough open 24 hours a day, where the floors are sticky and the booths aren’t always the cleanest, but most importantly, the food is just simply amazing. this place is albertacos and i can’t imagine the past three years of my life without it. if you go there on a friday or saturday night, its virtually a who’s who of south o.c. scene and metalcore kids. its the sceniest of the scene and frankly, it scares the hell out of me, but i love it and thats why i go nearly once a week. the woman who works the night shift, she knows you and she simply just shots you a look when your order is ready as opposed to yelling out a number; its like the mexican family, i’ve always wanted minus having to live with them, but i get all of the meals.

so i worry that these fucks will go there one night on their show and my spot will be blown. i mean, i can slightly sense that another beloved late night mexican stomping ground, taco loco might be spotblown as well. although, taco loco located on pch is ideal for people watching, the food doesn’t compare to albertacos at all, but i like drinking there. i just shudder to think about the moment where all across the country, a beloved hippie run taco shack will be on the tv and on its patio, mesh hatted teenaged girls will have inane conversations about how upset they are and how stressed they are about senior year and all.

i don’t mind the television show, “the oc” because its shot in manhattan beach and it brought us: my blog’s namesake(mischa barton), samaire armstrong, a new fond love for peter ghallenger’s eyeborrows, and rachel bilson. okay, thats alot to give to the world when i give some little in return. they don’t really spot blow on that show, but on “laguna beach,” yeah, they’re going to ruin alot of things for alot of people.

so honestly, mtv, a gigantic fuck you to you. now we’re gonna have even more lameys down here invading our mexican resturants. why couldn’t you have just hung around saddleback chruch or a wahoo’s fish tacos? there’s like eighty five of those, but only two albertacos and the other one is in colorado and i aint moving to colorado.

i understand the frustration that people have when 'the real world' comes to town because they're gonna ruin all things that you hold dear to your heart about your home town.

not to mention, just mtv's blatant generalization about everybody who lives out here are beach bums. we're not. not every dude is a surfer; i don't know anybody personally who has ever surfed in their life. we don't sit around on the beach all day; some of us like to watch the simpsons and masterbate. more people out here are into skateboarding, if you're gonna do the youth culture. its just bullshit. i don't really apperciate the broad stereotyping and calling your show, "the real orange county." the real orange county is a salad bowl with all kinds of white people. not everybody is into being at the beach and surfing.

while, i’m writing angerily, i must extended another gigantic fuck you to dr. jerry buss, owner of the lakers. yeah, way to fucking go on trading shaq cause he lost a lot of weight and looks lean, and who the fuck do we have? kobe and vlade; jeepers creepers, its going to be fun finishing in fourth place.

Aug 29, 2004

taking being the 'embrassing dad' to whole other level...

not only do you have to go to every pre vma party with your dad, and just make it even more cringe worthy, you dress like that and your dad wears a fanny pack.

anybody know the name of that new snoop/neptunes track? i heard apart of last night, was on the verge of writing the neptunes off as a bunch of ugly shoe making, mesh hat still wearing, steely good charlotte wanna bes until i heard the song.

Aug 28, 2004

dudes, we are through the looking glass...

three things came to my mind after i caught ashlee simpson's apperance on trl friday afternoon.
-she dresses like an austrilian's nightmare
-we can safely assume, she's on the blow; cuz who would dress like that if they were sober.
-wonder if this was a weird interview since carson & ashlee have a history or i remember seeing video of them partying on "celebrities uncensored" one night.
[photo stolen and posted on my photobucket account from ashleesource.com with over 6000 photos of ashlee!]

watch erlend oye dance up a storm

that new faint album sounds sorta like the last one, but more 'goth'.

where as "dangerous dreams" by moving units has grown on me and i like it a smidge more.

"needy girl" by chromeo; you'll be dancing the rest of the day after one listen.

death from above 1979 go all 'lite brite' on your asses and you can't walk straight anymore.

Aug 27, 2004

the ubiquitous reference to in-n-out

i figure since, i write about southern california and a way to prove that you live in southern california is to make a reference to in-n-out, so here's my reference to it.

frankly, i like tommy's better, but it never gets the love.

so i've brought myself to finally writing about my first week back at school. the fact is, there's nothing really to write about. its a bunch of dudes with mesh hats and hoven sunglasses and girls who would barely tower above five feet if it wasn't for their platform sandals. too much make up on faces and too much money spent on clothes. (it should be note, that yes, i, your humble narrator spends far too much on clothing from time to time, but i wear my designer shit until it smells like shaq's socks after a game).

the campus or at least a good portion of it is a large ashtray where the stoners with bad facial hair and acoustic guitars attempt to sing bob marley and pink floyd songs. i'm not sure if this is a problem with other schools, but my school has quite a few old timers. some are cool cause they're old, they've lived, and have a story to tell or at least an unusually deep voice. then there are those who believe they're still 20 like this one lady in a class of mine. she wore white parachute cargo pants with pink chucks; did she steal the outfit from her eight year old daugther's closet? not to mention, she's tanorexic and won't shut up. every five minutes, she has something to say, and guess what, my class with her is three hours and its twice a week and you're stuck there and in your head, playing "deck chairs and cigarettes" by the thrills, wishing that you would've done more with your summer.

in conversations i've had with people from old writing classes, it seems like nobody else wrote anything either, so i'm not so bad.

i'm not saying that i hate all of my classes; i throughly enjoy my journalism class because we were thrown into the fire within the first 15 minutes of class each time with mock press conferences. my film class seems daunting, but only cause i know nobody and everybody in there seems like best friends since first grade; yet i want to work and stress out over stuff.

as well there's the problem with dudes that have ryan cabrera and/or yugioh hair.

perhaps, my favorite observation about school were made in a text message convo with natali hopkins:
me: "the best part of community college is that there's some dude who looks like jesus"
natali: "i think its required to have a few of those at every jc."
me: "thats why they are called jcs"

sure, i would love to still be at home, spending my days hanging out with my dog, but i gotta grow and transfer to a legit school to get degrees and papers, so i can get paid in full.

hey short list of music panelists, that peaches album, "fatherfucker" sucked and i'm calling bullshit on your list cause most likely josh homme voted for himself (see eagles of death metal); addittionaly the madvillian record was way better than jaylib. yet good looking out on "talkie walkie" by air & "alphabetical" by phoenix.

pitchfork sez that every band on the air show at hollywood bowl will be joined by an orchestra. so stereolab and sondre lerche fans, get on your shit.

some say the hottest our blog's namesake has ever been

don't forget to be very bored and disapointed by the mtv vmas on sunday night. watch your band like good charolette win awards for the most punk rockin' songs since sid vicious died.

Aug 26, 2004

you're a rock n roll suicide

oh, so that's what happened to ally hilfiger [thanks, whatevs]

why? the remix!; i dunno, i'm in love with common's verse [link via catch dubs]

new cameron crowe footage or at least behind the scenes style.

i love how gwen stenfai has her own place card, but the rest of no doubt is reglated to a single card.

Aug 25, 2004

good enough for goonies

apparently, while watching the goonies tonight, i missed the single handed greatest angels game of all time.

oh well, i'm going to the saturday afternoon angels game against the twins


i scored 18 free meal coupons to wahoos, tonight.

chomp on that shit.

long live the new flesh

who ever designed the dasani liter bottle is fucking retarded. it can't even fit into either one of my 6 cup holders.

i'm back on the grind and i'll tell you all about in a couple.

to wet your appetite for poorly constructed sentences and spelling errors:
-wanna be 'plastics'; to paraphrase laura, "they're barely even saran wrap".

well, thats all i can think of right now.

seriously, my mind has been totally warpped and fired attempting to disect cronenberg's videodrome last night. i sorta got my copy early; no i don't have any buzz, its just that my tower put it out on display early, all three of their copies knowing that maybe they'll move all together 2 copies of it, due to nerds like me.

mandy moore's hotness factor is in a state of flux (you gotta scroll a bit for it); further articles on the matter of celebrities being republican read stereogum & jeffrey welles

Aug 23, 2004

so, mr peacock, how does that blood taste like?

a little classic rachel and samarie action for y'all...

they told me to do a second update, even though i had a few things to ramble about..

tiny mix tapes reports that the walkmen are going out on tour with incubus. yeah, i know, what the fuck? but its no different than the death cab for seth cohen/blink 182 shows. will it help the walkmen move a couple more copies of "bows & arrows"? hopefully, because more kids need to hear their stuff, but most likely hamilton's red faced vocals will be lost on the abercombie kids. p-fork interviews the walkmen

hip hop site says that the first single from the forthcoming, "white people's album" by handsome boy modeling school will feature del tha funkee homosapien, barrington levy and alex of franz; but what's even better than that news, is that del is in the studios with dan the automator for a sequel to "deltron 3030".

for a while, i really didn't get all of the hubaloo for the libertines. when i first heard, oh, just another english band; whatevs. that changed slightly last night as i got their video for the lead single, "can't stand me now". i, personally couldn't get it to work on my computer but check it out here.

way to ruin a really good song; well not really, it just sort of ruins my memories of the song, like when i heard it at the very first show the postal service ever did and it was really hot; but now, it's used in some fucking josh hartnett film. although, i can't really knock jimmy tamberello because he allowed robin brown to used his music for free in a short film.

dear arizona police,

you have a piece of comedic gold locked away in your evidence vaults. it features borat stimulating masterbation in the home of a new age healer. you can sell the dvd and you'll be able to afford the police department whatever they need in the coming year.

so for the good of the world, please give it to sascha baron cohen and let us unite in laugther.


douglas reinhardt

and yes, i am preparing myself for the whooping amounts of irony that will be me wearing my 'single' belt at school tomorrows.

my wife, she's so boring

so i prepared myself to finally write a full on review of chan-wook park’s oldboy. i had written the review a couple of times in my head, but when i thought about it, i realized two things. one, who else besides movie nerds have heard about this and b, why waste so much energy on a film that only asian cinefiles are gonna seek out.

yet its my duty to write a few lines on this film and only state an extremely necessary opinion about the latest crop of asian cult cinema. these films such as battle royale are praised by internerd critics as these brilliant films with extreme and excessive violence that are beyond cool or as they may say, ‘wicked’. then somebody you sorta respect like quentin tarantino talks about these films, so you spend like 40 bucks on bootlegs and another 40 bucks on a cheap dvd player thats region less. then after you watch these films which are supposed to blow your mind, you’re left in the room, thinking to yourself, “i guess, it was kind of cool.” but in turn, you found yourself fall half asleep during the second act and sorta confused about who’s who.

which leads me to my thoughts about old boy, my initial thoughts, primarily based on the first forty minutes, it was enjoyable and fairly interesting. for those who don’t know, the basic plot, old boy is about a man (played by min-sik choi) who is kidnapped on the night of his daugther’s third birthday and is imprisioned in a hotel room for fifthteen years with only a tv. then one day, he is released, meets a sushi chef (mega babe kang hye jong) and attempts to find out who has imprisioned him. that’s all you need to know about and frankly, that’s all the film should’ve been about. mid way through the second act it falls apart and becomes bogged down in attempts at shocking plot twists and turns. if you’ve watched enough films, you could see the turns coming up pretty quickly; well, in this post shyamalan era, everybody can see it coming.

at first, i compared it to tarantino and jeunet, but a more accurate description would be if david fincher directed the limey with a bit more violence. even with the worst fincher films have interesting moments; and old boy has its moments, but it loses all of its energy in the second act.

after, i’ve spent all of this money and time with this film, buying it on dvd, then getting a new dvd player, i read in the sunday edition of the los angeles times that they’re planning a winter release of the film in the states, along with numerous other asian films. addittionaly, they mention that in works is an american remake of old boy. yes, good idea, until who i heard was working on the project. while i enjoyed his film, better luck tomorrow, i don’t believe justin lin has the strength as a director to tackle this type of film. give the project to fincher, get george clooney, clean up the second act and you’ll have a hit film.

sofia mini-the web site! for all of those who love sofia coppola, the embodiment of indie chic and not neccessarily, sofia coppola, the filmmaker. i highly recommend watching the first video of her to song number 5, you’ll understand what i mean, if you click on the link. you know you wanna. speaking of sofia, be on the prowl for her at the air hollywood bowl show.

for those looking for some poonanny and want to fib a smidge about your political leanings, the check out f the vote. i search, in california, its mostly dudes, but there’s one sorta babe from the oc! i don't know i think that kerry could get more votes if there was site like, bjs4jk.com

bitches in hollywood never seem to get over the concept of ‘if it aint broke, don’t fix it.

catch a sample of midnight movies here and here; i tolds ya, you’d fall for the lead singer. her and sebastien of death from above 1979 should make a sexy army of singers/drummers.

holy shit balls! the oc really wants to be the new 902010; the bait shop featuring performences by the walkmen, the killers, and modest mouse. i’m still waiting for my rilo kiley cameo; come on, they perform “accidental death” and can’t you see seth cohen clapping along. [link via whatevs]

dawn of the dead ulimate edition dvd sounds mighty excellent.

and today, is the last day of summer for your humble narrator; for tomorrow, i go back to school; but seriously school is already annonying the heck out of me cause fees went up after i registered so i have debt to pay and when i go to pay it on line, i can’t get through nor can i get through on the phone; its total ugh, y’all.

in the whiny words of chris carbaba, “so long, sweet summer”

Aug 22, 2004

i want my money back

open water is perhaps the second most over praised and over hyped indie film of the summer, following napoleon dynamite. open water is basically the cinematic equivelment of watching paint dry (i know its not a clever comparsion, but its pretty dead on) and i want to say after the third shot in the film, i knew this one was going to be a trainwreck, but not of the entertaining kind. there is no emotion in this film at all. the audience is supposed to be concerned about the couple stuck in the middle of the ocean, but you don't because they're unlikable people; there is no development to flesh out these characters other than they're workahloics and the girl has some nice boobs, but other than that, no feelings. well, i take that back, the only feeling you'll have is of regret. you'll be regretting that you spent ten bucks watching this mess instead of getting a smoothie and maybe a nudie magazine. there was more tension in the episode of full house where jesse & joey were trapped in the aquarium at epoct center

the digital video to film transfer does nothing for the film, if anything it makes the film look as if it was shot on mpeg mode on a sony digital camera. it's just a boring film and you know its a bad film when non movie nerds shout out, "rip off" at the end of it. this is a film made for mst3k.

seriously, perhaps the worst summer for movies, evs.

a hip tip for those who aren't looking to get beaten up, yet like to make fun of peoples' clothing:
-so there are gangs in the 714 portion of orange county who wear all pink. mexican teenaged boys dressed head to toe pink, from the size xxxxxxxxxxxxl pink shirt down to pink chucks. they walk around and look hard just waiting for somebody to comment on their gear to start a fight. so if you're like me and like your life, don't say nothing about the pink posse in front of them. make fun of them all you want when you're at home or on your blog or like in a car on the freeway leaving the place where you saw the posse.

i really wish that they would include that type of behavior on the upcoming season of "the oc", but sadly, since none of the writers live here, they won't. like if they did an episode of the show where they go to the block at orange and run into the deaf people who hold weekly meetings in front of starbucks or the aformentioned pink boys gang; it'd be hiliarious and perhaps more tension filled then open water.

i feel like i'm writing terriblely too much about the block, but i have to get this off my chest. so they had an all girl metal/punk cover band playing. they start do a cover of the song, "oi to the world". somebody doing a cover of a christmas song in the middle of august is not the issue, but it's the issue of which version are they covering? the vandals version or the no doubt version?

free show alert! free show alert! the thrills will bring their breezy, sun soaked music to amoeba on sept. 22 at 7p; i may have to leave class early for this one. also next tuesday, l.a.'s midnight movies will be at amoeba; see 'em and fall in love with their lead singer.

wilco will be at the wiltern on the 18th & 19th of november [thanks to missy]

Aug 20, 2004

whatever happened to corey haim?

the new thrills' single,"whatever happened to corey haim?" lead me down to an interesting train of thought.

where has all of the stars gone?


ally hilfiger.

i sincerely and dearly miss her delightful reality show and it seems like ages since its been on the air and the lips of us jaded, cynical hipsters.

come back, ally, come back. we need less jessica simpson and more of you stressing out over a making a burrottio and your friends who are nick named, "buster," cause they're always spilling things.

we can make each other happy

stream the new, official version of"crimes" by the blood brothers; in stores on october 12th. in my opinion, they should've gone with the other version of the title track, 'crimes,' while the guitars may sound really good on the one that made final cut; there's just something quite cinematic with the other one.

go to the el rey on october 8th to see the blood brothers with me.

when i saw lcd soundsystem play, there was not enough time in their set, but james murphy said that they were going to do a cover of a harry nilsson song entitled, "jump into the fire". murphy said it was amazing, their cover of the song. so flash forward to last night, i finally download the song and wow, the harry nilsson is quite amazing and you could only begin to imagine what lcd soundsystem would've done with this song live. clothing most likely would've been removed by the audience and or fainting. the bass line on the nilsson is just so tremedous.

yet why all of a sudden dig up some obscure 80s song? cause it was used in the cocaine paranoia sequence of a little masterpiece known as goodfellas. frankly, if you call yourself a student of film or even the causal admirer of the cinema, you owe to yourself to watch this film at least two times. last night, marked the first time i watched the film since i got my dvd player back in the x-mas of '98; i had it on laserdisc, yet never picked up the dvd of it. yet as i watched this film, i realized how much it has influenced me. scorseseis quite possibley the greatest american filmmaker of all time and with goodfellas, he dismantles and creates the cinema. he took bits and pieces for the new wave and neo realism movements and just created an cinematic monster. everything in it is perfect; the acting-perfect, editing-perfect, cinematrography-don't even get me started. its a built around small details and each little detail pay offs ten fold. goodfellas is clearly the best film of the 90s and its influenced and impact is still being felt. i examined the first real screenplay i worked on, a teen high school comedy, but everything in element from its loose, episodic structure to its use of voice over and montange, i felt clearly was derived from scorsese and pulgei's screenplay. i think that warner brothers with their release of the scorsese box set has done to the film world a gigantic favor providing a insight into the mind of the film world's masters.

remember the faint? well, they're coming to the la area, at the mayan, a great spot for shows on november 14 & 15 with potential residents on my top ten albums of the year list, tv on the radio. the new faint album, "wet from birth" will be released on sept. 14th and its probably already leaked on line.

speaking of november tour dates and conflicting scwedules, everybody's favorite femmist protest pop trio, le tigre will be hitting be the la area on november 16th & 17th at the el rey. [link from the thigh master]

gsl says that the new mars volta album, 'francis the mute' should be out in november; so start growinng out your fros now.

paul frank's new fall line is wonderful

dudes, the arcade game arctic thunder is totally disappointing especially if you been waiting like ten minutes to play it at chuck e cheese's; although i saw this one hot indie rock mom there; thats the problem with indie rock mom, they have kids and they're into being married.

oh, samarie armstrong, why do you have to be so hot and not on my tv anymore? can you please get a job at my local paul frank store or the diesel store to replace the girls with britney acne.

Aug 19, 2004

an end to his reign of terror

andre3000 ceases to be cooler than 'ice cold' and officially becomes a 'dorkus morklus'. playing an gop event? didn't you get the memo about it not being hip to support republicans until you're in your 50s? its like sam's dad said on, 'freaks & geeks,' "everyone's a democrat until they get a little money. then they come to their senses!"

the delightful, if rarely updated light up the sky directed me to this interview done by the 'hustler' of indie porn, burning angel with diego, the lead singer of elefant. read for yourself and tell me that diego does not come off as combonation of borat and some second tier thug from "miami vice".

currently, well not right now, by like last night, my frustration level was at 11, and it usually stops at 10. i received my copy of old boy on monday afternoon. i eagerly ripped it out and put into my dvd player, but no luck. so i figure out its a dvd-r and my old dvd player can't handle them. so i go to my old g4 and it works. so flash forward to last night, i'm watching the film, enjoying the heck of it, then right when this revenage film becomes a revenage film, it fucking freezes. i re boot my computer and try again and yes, wouldn't you know, it freezes. so i stomp over to my laptop to only find out that it won't work there, either. so i have no idea of where the rest of this film comes. what i saw, i liked and would say its a weird blend of jeunet and tarantino. hopefully, it'll get a domestic release or at least a better region 0 dvd release in the near future.

the life aquatic with steve zissou in decent quicktime. dudes, "knock out ned" is in and well, even though this appeared in an old issue of ew, i will not spoil the suprise, but its definately cool.

the vice big book of 'dos & don'ts'coming soon to a hipster toliet near you, and if you go to my house on a regular basis, then yeah, the next time, you poop, you can read it after it comes out, of course.

since, the cone zone has been dark this week due to borlympics, i've been watching the cleverly titled, "countdown to obscurity" on the late, late show with craig kilborn. it's a good thing, he's leaving because he's a horrible interviewer and its just unbearabley painful to watch. everything has to be about him and his impending alcoholism. i've heard a couple of names as potential replacements such as: conan, amy sedaris, jeffrey ross, and, jillian barberie. the idea of jillian barberie is just beyond awful and the only buzz, she'll generate is for her lesbo encounter with jenna jameson; jeffrey ross is a good choice, but isn't he a writer on jimmy kimmel? and amy sedaris's brand of comedy doesn't translate that well into a talk show format. i have three brilliant choices as a replacement host:
-jimmy fallon; he has proven a keen ability to stumble through and mangle jokes about current events.
-david spade; his movie and tv career ain't really that happening any more, so i assume that this is the next step.
-napoleon dynamite; its as simple as this, the audience they want is young college kids and who do the college kids love the fuck out of? napoleon dynamite.

and finally in pretty good show news, the likefeaturing the girl in the stalkerish, grainy phone cam photo above on drums will be heading out on their first big tour with phantom planet. i've seen this show a couple of times and it was throughly entertaining, but that was back when jason schwartzman was behind the skins for phantom planet, but still check out the like, they're hot; dates here

Aug 18, 2004

the number of the beast

after receiving some major buzz from two of the blogsphere's top writers (whatevs & stereogum), rilo kiley took the stage tuesday night at an amoeba. the set list mostly pulled from their excellent new album, "more adventurous"; for those purtists and fans of technicalties, here's the list, but not in order:
-"it's a hit"
-"does he love you?"
-"portions for foxes"
-"i never"
-"more adventurous"
-"love & war (11/11/46)
-"a man/me/then jim"
-"it just is"

the in store marked my third rilo show of the year; while i'll say that their acoustic show in january had to have been my favorite show by them; but it just seems with each performance and with a great record behind them, they felt so much more confident on the stage. as sad as its going to be for us, southern california kids, we're gonna have to share rilo kiley with the rest of the world, but its okay because rilo kiley are the nicest people in the whole wide world.

they signed autographs after their set. while getting my cd signed, me and blake just started talking about the line and the fans and the akwardness in conversation between musician and super fans. i mean, what do you say, "hey, that song, "it just is," yeah, i had it in my head the whole time i rushing in and out of the vet when my dog almost died, so it means alot to me and i'm really gland that you wrote it." sure, they would want to hear thanks, but it just seems weird.

if you haven't had the pleasure of a rilo kiley concert, then i highly suggest you head down to ticketmaster to pick up for rilo kiley's return home on october 30th at the glasshouse and on halloween at the mayan (which is a great venue, i saw dj shadow there and supposedley, i'm on his dvd, i'm the dude wearing the green trucker hat and an afro and it was 2002, so it was still cool to wear trucker hats).

wes anderson brilliance! wes anderson brilliance! wes anderson brilliance! the trailer for his latest opus, the life aquatic with steve zissou. december can not come soon enough; robert yeoman's cinematography looks amazing, he's going after vittorio storaro on this one.

speaking of great directors, david o russell's latest film, i <3 huckabees has a trailer on line now; it can be viewed here. great cast and i really do believe that russell made one of the best and underapperciated films of the 90s with three kings

and addittionaly speaking about great films, the much desired martin scorsese collection box set can not be found at all in the lovely southern california area. i went to dvd planet, no luck and it couldn't even find it at amoeba. i was at target and i saw a small child crying because they didn't have it either. apparently, it has something to do with missing booklets.

this is a personal shout right now, to the babasoraus i saw last night at the rilo kiley in store. i saw her at the rilo kiley john anson ford ampithearte show as well. she has be the hottest girl since the infamous history of rock girl. so if you're reading this or if you know this babe, then you should leave a message or something. there was sort of a 'stalkerish' moment where i was flipping through the air cds and you were sort of floating around the dance/electronic music section. you wore a blue shirt and diesel jeans, i was the one in a purple penguin shirt and ripped seven jeans and now, this is starting to sound like craig's list.

does anybody else find it hilarious that most thugged 13 year old pop star jojo has two r. kelly songs on her itunes music store playlist including "age aint nuthin' but a number"?

stream the new bjork album here if you can't wait two weeks.

new le tigre

the world would laugh a bit harder if you could get sacha baron cohen and dave chapelle together on a project.

for as much as you want to hate kroq, you have to admint the line up for "the inland invasion" show is quite good. moz, devo, the walkmen, death cab, muse, and probably the two biggest band of the year, the killers and franz ferdinand. it's almost worth driving all the way out to the middle of nowhere and hang out with a bunch of dudes and their ladies who dress like rachel blison, well, which isn't such a bad thing.

"you haven't lived until you've done coke off the ass of a 13 year old girl"-artie lange

ps. if you're on live journal and you want this particular blog on your friends' page; simply add skeet skeet. we're cross posting cause its cool like cupcakes and you know people are lazy.
pps. one of this blogs many muses in hi res hotness(link from f.u.b.a.r.)

Aug 16, 2004

baby, i'm bad news

this girl went to my high school; she was a junior to my senior. she was won homecoming queen the year she went to the 2000 olympics. it smelled fishy, so i booed as they announced her.

i mean, sure, she went to the olympics and all, and is most likely the most famous person from our school so far other than a failed pro quarterback, but still, that's no reason to give her the title of 'homecoming queen'. there was this total babe who should've won and would've probably meant more to her later in life. so i booed her, then i got booed for booing her and almost got into fights with disgruntled parents. seriously, i have no clue as to why i haven't gotten my ass kicked yet, in particular by marines.

kcrw's nic harcort calls the new rilo kiley album, "the best album of the year, so far". and he's pretty on point with that statement. with each album, rilo kiley has improved upon their sound, and with the new album, they sound so close to perfect. if they release "portions of foxes" as a single, they're gonna be huge.

da ali g show season 1 dvd out on tuesday along with the scorsese box set and cronenberg'svideodrome

Aug 15, 2004

it's a holiday for a hanging

seriously, i'm just killing time until three things happen:
-school starts and in my journalism class, i'll attempt to write reviews of the new blood brothers, lcd soundsystem, and, death from above albums for credit, as well as convince people to work on a project that i can only describe as curb meets day for night meets i spit on your grave and/or a rip off of around the horn cept its hipsters arguing about records and films.
-my copy of the korean film, old boy to come.
-rilo kiley's in store at amoeba on tuesday night. i saw them at the end of july; blew my mind, but now i want to watch them for free and take grainy photos with my cell phone.

the sensiable hilton sister pulls a 'britney'.

puerto rico upsets the billionare boys club; frankie cutlass sells a couple more albums in wake of stunning upset.

no reason for posting this picture, other than i had a dream about her the other night.

Aug 14, 2004

how does a 13 year old girl become more 'hood' than jermanie durpi?

so craigers quits; alas, i'll miss his show, but then again, i haven't really watched his show since the day i watched him do rehersalas and he was wearing ugly shoes. i don't know why, but that made me lose what ever silver of respect i had for me.

i do have fond memories of the 'late, late show with craig kilborn':
-hanging out in the green room with two pas as they slammed stopwatches against a table, seeing how could get their watch to stop the fastest.
-lack of cool stuff and famous people in the green room.
-hearing dido do warm ups in her dressing room
-giving the black power fist to ben harper
-shouting out the names of bad guests during the warm up where kilborn asks, "who were some of your favorite guests?" and watching him grimace.
-the time when me and robin tried to go to a taping, but his car broke down, which became the first segment of the public access show.
-when hugh hefner walked out of his dressing room and myself, robin and a bunch of pas gave him a slow clap and high fives, something similar to the starting line up part of a basketball game.
-seeing a playboy playmate in real life; gigantic disapointment.

Aug 12, 2004

more than this

sofia coppola is going to write & direct a film based on the life of marie-antoinette. kirsten dunst and jason schwartzman attached to star. appartenly, its going to be a "stylized account of the enigmatic royal,". and by stylized do they mean, lars von trier stylized, you know some warehouse in sweeden with chalk outlines on the ground that say, "louis xvi's crib" or stylized like a baz luhurman film, old timey dialogue, but modern music. cause with sofia's track record with air and this film being set in france, i dunno, it just smells really good to me.

although, i'd probably call this film, sofia's apocalypse now. she'll have access too much equipment, too much money, too much power, and little by little, she'll gone insane; just like her dad.

speaking of air, for those who were really excited for their hollywood bowl show with the orchestra and phoenixopenning up may be disapointed to hear that phoenix is no longer on the bill, but its still air with an orchestra; better get your tickets fast.

the blood brothers are on the same label as that girl who sings in that lame cell phone commerical, so expect the same level of promotion that has made the icarus line gigantic sellers this year!

Aug 11, 2004

worst update, ever!

pitbull's video for his single, "culo," the latina big ass anthem of the summer has to have the worst video since bon jovi's "bad medicine" or at least its hip hop cousin. if you're gonna make a video for a song about big asses, then why not show big asses? walking by and seeing the hispanic jailbait across the street wash her car to this song would've been the best video ever.

addittionally, when they play "culo" on the radio, they don't say 'culo,' its just a whistle sound effect, yet on mtv, they do not censor the word. bizzare, bizzare.

the compromising of jimmy kimmel has started this past week. everything that made his show a train wreck, a very watchable and enjoyable trainwreck has been removed and now kimmel's slowly becoming a soul less jay leno wanna be. gone is his desk chat; replaced by a monlogue, where he stands. not to mention, the removal of the co host so many months ago. if abc wanted jay leno, then why don't they go after ed hall, former leno announcer.

defamer reports that soderbaugh was the one who fired ted griffin; in other news, i've lost all respect for steven soderbaugh. first, he makes full frontal, then solaris and marries jules anser. sure full frontal was mildly excusable, and well, the less said about the boring mess known as solaris the best, but marrying jules anser has single handly ruined the e! channel, remember when she hosted 'wild on'?

a hot, really needy many moore type has replaced the frat house babe on road rules 13: franzmania!

Aug 10, 2004

i'm love in my new paul frank sweatshirt. its apart of the new fall line. i'd direct link it, but i want to get it on the low pro; yet here's the problem of purchasing a sweatshirt in the middle of august, the weather just doesn't want to play pool with you. october can't come soon enough!

way to make your investment even more 'awful', if it all possible. rob reiner lost his edge a long, long, long time ago, not to mention an 'update' of the graduate. this film was destined to be a failure from the get go. yet here's the problem, they fire ted griffin for talking to his dp, ed lachman too much. i don't know, thats kind of a shitty reason to fire somebody and honestly, i'm looking at steven soderbaugh and george clooney, who are the producers of the film and wondering why didn't they defend their director or at least put up an effort to defend him. i don't know, i lost a bit of respect for them as producers.

scissor sisters + kylie= where was this collaboartion, like two years ago? although, if anything like that fischerspooner remix comes out of this collabo, i'm there with belles on.

some say 'girliest' tour of the fall; others say that not even the best ear plug known to man can prevent you from hearing all the screaming

since when did she have some boobs?

old news, but it has to be stated, that moving units album, "dangerous dreams" kinda not worth the wait, but "birds of prey" is excellent, its even better live, i went blind one time when they played it and got a bunch of riverside kids wet with my sweat during that one part where the song goes all crazy.

collateral is probably my favorite film of the year, so far. its the best performance ever done by the city of los angeles.

Aug 9, 2004

you should win some retarded oscar

is it just me, but isn't garden state, basically a remake of harold & maude ?
-emotionally numb males who can't communicate with their parents, but find love in the strangest of places; yeah, its basically harold & maude minus the groovy cat stevens soundtrack, yet replaced with drugs.

stephen holden, you're being far too kind; this is not a film on par with the graduate or american beauty.

when i saw the film, i saw it with a bunch of scenesters, who've adopted 'napolean speak' as their official language so i was expecting them to bust out and dance during the movie whenever they played the shins or the postal service, yet alas, i was servely disappointed when they didn't dance at all.

everybody's surfin' *

cept brody cause he's totally stoned of his mind.

*=i stole this joke from robin 'hollywood' brown; he made it back in 2000.

although, upon further review of the photo, it just seems that anybody under the age of, oh, lets just say, 30 is really embrassed to be holding a giant surf board where as the 30 plus crowd is beyond stoked; they're even thinking of taking this board and going surfing the next morning, cause you know the waves are better in the morning.

its just like parents to embrass you.

"the oc" hits dvd in october and it'll cost way too much for not a single rachel bilson or mischa barfin nip slip out takes.

Aug 5, 2004


am i out of the loop on the cool, hip kids of orange county?

where are their blogs?

you know, nyc and l.a. are pretty much on lock down with all the cool kids writing about lindsay lohan and the killers, but where oh where are the oc peeps?

perhaps its a case of wishful thinking on my behalf to believe all of the cool kids in the oc write blogs about going to the detroit bar or for whom was seen at the harbor house one night.

which brings me to the issue of was it really a good idea to delete my livejournal accounts and if you will, jump into the big leagues and the blogsphere. maybe thats where all of the cool kids are; on livejournal or my space.

so i'm just disapointed with the oc.

although, samarie armstrong is still hot [link via ultragrrl]

so i've listened to the blood brothers demos again. the songs are extremely visual and have a cinematic quality to them. its bizzare but i feel that the blood brothers have yet to fully realize their visual potential. so as a plea to their new label, v2, please get gondry, oliver gondry to direct a video, especially if the lead single is going to be the peacock song (track 4 on the demos).

it should be noted that the video for the blood brothers' "ambulance VS ambulance" is quite good and can be see here

bort brilliance! i heard this as an audio clip on stern the other day and peed my pants; i need to get this home box office channel post haste. [linkage kudos: stereogum & thighswideshut]

new jim jones dip set mix tape starts placing your bets on whose gonna win the battle between money ma$e and the dip'set.

Aug 4, 2004

at least she tried...

my dog is trying her darnest to be like a regular person because in the wee hours of the night, when the rest of the house hold was asleep, she peed in front of my bathroom.

you see, she made the effort to go to the bathroom in front of a bathroom; it almost makes me want to believe she's capable of using a toliet, if training a dog to use the toliet is humanly possible, which i highly doubt.

some say best stern ever, this morning. i nearly lost it on the freeway, this morning.

the listmakers for the 2004 shortlist of music have been announced. i'm sorry but what do the following people know about good music: the dixie chicks, john mayer, will-i-am of the black eyed peas, and dashboard confessional. look to see what la's answer to the strokes and my go to joke band, maroon5 at the top of john mayer's list! what happened nic harcourt? you used to let really cool people like spike jonze and the neptunes vote, now it seems like anybody whose ever picked up a guitar and wrote a really shitty ballad can vote this year. although, why does it even matter because a)this is just a bastardize version of the mercury awards and secondly, nobody cares about the shortlist. besides, doesn't everybody know that loretta lynn's album is gonna probably win the whole thing.

i want a le tigre ringtone for my sexy phone

josie maran on the cone zone this week and they've brought back the "walker, texas ranger" lever.

and how do you have an alien Vs predator film without it being rated r? isn't this supposed to be the cinematic end all battle or will that be the sequel? whatevs, i don't think anybody'll see anyways.

dip'set mix tape! dip'set mix tape!

Aug 3, 2004

on the blood brothers demos from their latest album, "crimes," johnny, the co vocalist comes off sounding like a angry 13 year old girl or you wonder if he's become castrated.

only one can imagine if the heavily traded blood brothers demos will become something of legend in a few years alal the brian wilson smile sessions. oh if they put this song on the album, it would've been a million times better. yet i highly doubt that the blood brothers will achieve the depths of pop greatness that brian wilson came so, so, so close to.

yet here's the thing, with "crimes" its perhaps the least hardcore sounding the blood brothers have ever been. so hopefully, hopefully, no more tours with bullshit bands with stupid names like, "the tears taste like revenage" or "the lonely grave of paula schultz". its a hodepodge of styles, and frankly, they should put all 19 songs on the album and not wielded it down to 13. be bold and pretenious, that's what 2004 is all about.

he's back, bitches!

chapelle's back for two more seasons and a whole poop load of money.

america can laugh again!

Aug 2, 2004

ebert's review of the village perfectly sums up my thoughts on the film.

if anything, it just feels that shyamalan has been on a downward spiral since his vastly unapperciated gem, unbreakable. although partially, its our own fault, the audience's fault. we've grown accustomed to surprise endings to each of shyamalan's films and if he fails to deliever that desired twist, his film is a failure.

the sunday l.a. times ran a brief article about the latest and much needed dan the automator & prince paul team up, handsome boy modeling school presents "white people's album". it should be out on november 9th and will feature apperances by:
-alex kapranos of franz ferdinand
-cat power
-barington levy
-del tha funkee homosapien
-john oates of hall & oates
-jack johnson
-the rza
-the mars volta
-jamie cullen
-chino of the deftones
-kid koala
-linkin park
-de la soul
-tim meadows

prince paul had an excellent quote about turning people away, "it's like getting into studio 54 back in the 70s. we had to look out there-'you're good. you're good. the rest of you come back and try next year."

keira knightley + tony scott + a script by richard 'donnie darko' kelly= finally a keira knightley film i won't be embrassed to watch; maybe a bit of nudity, since they say she's cool with it.

nme says that badly drawn boy will be back in town in october. the last time i saw bdb in la, i swear to goodness that a certain actress totally checked me & hollywood brown out; then the time before that, well it was the best in store ever

the cover for the blood brothers' "crimes" and their new bio. october can't come soon enough. we got new blood brothers, which to me, sounds heavily influenced by death from above, and death from above's full length finally comes out in october, too.