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Aug 4, 2004

at least she tried...

my dog is trying her darnest to be like a regular person because in the wee hours of the night, when the rest of the house hold was asleep, she peed in front of my bathroom.

you see, she made the effort to go to the bathroom in front of a bathroom; it almost makes me want to believe she's capable of using a toliet, if training a dog to use the toliet is humanly possible, which i highly doubt.

some say best stern ever, this morning. i nearly lost it on the freeway, this morning.

the listmakers for the 2004 shortlist of music have been announced. i'm sorry but what do the following people know about good music: the dixie chicks, john mayer, will-i-am of the black eyed peas, and dashboard confessional. look to see what la's answer to the strokes and my go to joke band, maroon5 at the top of john mayer's list! what happened nic harcourt? you used to let really cool people like spike jonze and the neptunes vote, now it seems like anybody whose ever picked up a guitar and wrote a really shitty ballad can vote this year. although, why does it even matter because a)this is just a bastardize version of the mercury awards and secondly, nobody cares about the shortlist. besides, doesn't everybody know that loretta lynn's album is gonna probably win the whole thing.

i want a le tigre ringtone for my sexy phone

josie maran on the cone zone this week and they've brought back the "walker, texas ranger" lever.

and how do you have an alien Vs predator film without it being rated r? isn't this supposed to be the cinematic end all battle or will that be the sequel? whatevs, i don't think anybody'll see anyways.

dip'set mix tape! dip'set mix tape!


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