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Aug 16, 2004

baby, i'm bad news

this girl went to my high school; she was a junior to my senior. she was won homecoming queen the year she went to the 2000 olympics. it smelled fishy, so i booed as they announced her.

i mean, sure, she went to the olympics and all, and is most likely the most famous person from our school so far other than a failed pro quarterback, but still, that's no reason to give her the title of 'homecoming queen'. there was this total babe who should've won and would've probably meant more to her later in life. so i booed her, then i got booed for booing her and almost got into fights with disgruntled parents. seriously, i have no clue as to why i haven't gotten my ass kicked yet, in particular by marines.

kcrw's nic harcort calls the new rilo kiley album, "the best album of the year, so far". and he's pretty on point with that statement. with each album, rilo kiley has improved upon their sound, and with the new album, they sound so close to perfect. if they release "portions of foxes" as a single, they're gonna be huge.

da ali g show season 1 dvd out on tuesday along with the scorsese box set and cronenberg'svideodrome


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