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Aug 5, 2004


am i out of the loop on the cool, hip kids of orange county?

where are their blogs?

you know, nyc and l.a. are pretty much on lock down with all the cool kids writing about lindsay lohan and the killers, but where oh where are the oc peeps?

perhaps its a case of wishful thinking on my behalf to believe all of the cool kids in the oc write blogs about going to the detroit bar or for whom was seen at the harbor house one night.

which brings me to the issue of was it really a good idea to delete my livejournal accounts and if you will, jump into the big leagues and the blogsphere. maybe thats where all of the cool kids are; on livejournal or my space.

so i'm just disapointed with the oc.

although, samarie armstrong is still hot [link via ultragrrl]

so i've listened to the blood brothers demos again. the songs are extremely visual and have a cinematic quality to them. its bizzare but i feel that the blood brothers have yet to fully realize their visual potential. so as a plea to their new label, v2, please get gondry, oliver gondry to direct a video, especially if the lead single is going to be the peacock song (track 4 on the demos).

it should be noted that the video for the blood brothers' "ambulance VS ambulance" is quite good and can be see here

bort brilliance! i heard this as an audio clip on stern the other day and peed my pants; i need to get this home box office channel post haste. [linkage kudos: stereogum & thighswideshut]

new jim jones dip set mix tape starts placing your bets on whose gonna win the battle between money ma$e and the dip'set.


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