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Aug 31, 2004

drop it like its hot...

two things, well really more than two things more like four things, but anyways...
-big ups to catch dubs for having a link to that new neptunes/snoop jawn (listen here) as well as giving our humble little blog a mention.

-i lost so much weight this morning, but only cause i found out that i didn't break one of my school's video cameras. yeah, from thursday until like 10:30 this morning, i lived in fear. this is what i'd believe a conversation between me and a professor about why i can't work in the studio and do camera work

me:i have this problem where after i work on a camera, i get extremely ill. my stomach is knots and i'm probably developing kindey stones. with each day until class and those fleeting moments where i step into class again, i live with a lump in my throat and a load waiting to drop in my shorts. with step i take into class, it feels like i'm stepping onto razor blades and i'm bleeding profusely. blood is flowing every where and once i get to this turnkit(mispelled; fanictic status) where i see that everything looks okay, everything is kosher, i breathe normal and feel as if i've lost fifty pounds. yet in turn, once i leave the classroom, it starts all over again."

professor:well, maybe you should drop the class.

me: no, its not a matter of the class, its just working 20,000 dollar cameras. so i can only direct or produce or be talent or do audio or get coffee. that is not stressful, dealing with a jc's money is.

although, contray to my belief, sweaty palms don't affect the zoom and focus control on a camera, but my add does. not to mention, i lost my touch, kumar steez, while working the switcher.

since class schedules won't work in favor for the old gang to get together for OC nights on thursday; i'm thinking about doing laguna beach nights, so if you'd be interested in co hosting those parties, holla at your nerd cause i don't like too many kids at my house these days. i'll bring over food or whatevs, you just provide the cable and a decent parking spot which doesn't require me backing out.

seriously, have you listened to that snoop song, yet? its redonklicous.

death from above 1979 tour dates. they say they're gonna do a couple of shows at the troubadour, but as some may know about death from above 1979, they absolutely hate playing in la; so i don't know, but the problem is that those dates fall right around when every single band in the world that puts on a decent live show is in town. who does one give their money to? the faint & tv on the radio shows? le tigre? wilco? that liars & blonde redhead show and now we got death from above 1979 destroying the troub?


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