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i wouldn't have given you it if i didn't agree

Aug 28, 2004

dudes, we are through the looking glass...

three things came to my mind after i caught ashlee simpson's apperance on trl friday afternoon.
-she dresses like an austrilian's nightmare
-we can safely assume, she's on the blow; cuz who would dress like that if they were sober.
-wonder if this was a weird interview since carson & ashlee have a history or i remember seeing video of them partying on "celebrities uncensored" one night.
[photo stolen and posted on my photobucket account from ashleesource.com with over 6000 photos of ashlee!]

watch erlend oye dance up a storm

that new faint album sounds sorta like the last one, but more 'goth'.

where as "dangerous dreams" by moving units has grown on me and i like it a smidge more.

"needy girl" by chromeo; you'll be dancing the rest of the day after one listen.

death from above 1979 go all 'lite brite' on your asses and you can't walk straight anymore.


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