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skeet on mischa

i wouldn't have given you it if i didn't agree

Aug 2, 2004

ebert's review of the village perfectly sums up my thoughts on the film.

if anything, it just feels that shyamalan has been on a downward spiral since his vastly unapperciated gem, unbreakable. although partially, its our own fault, the audience's fault. we've grown accustomed to surprise endings to each of shyamalan's films and if he fails to deliever that desired twist, his film is a failure.

the sunday l.a. times ran a brief article about the latest and much needed dan the automator & prince paul team up, handsome boy modeling school presents "white people's album". it should be out on november 9th and will feature apperances by:
-alex kapranos of franz ferdinand
-cat power
-barington levy
-del tha funkee homosapien
-john oates of hall & oates
-jack johnson
-the rza
-the mars volta
-jamie cullen
-chino of the deftones
-kid koala
-linkin park
-de la soul
-tim meadows

prince paul had an excellent quote about turning people away, "it's like getting into studio 54 back in the 70s. we had to look out there-'you're good. you're good. the rest of you come back and try next year."

keira knightley + tony scott + a script by richard 'donnie darko' kelly= finally a keira knightley film i won't be embrassed to watch; maybe a bit of nudity, since they say she's cool with it.

nme says that badly drawn boy will be back in town in october. the last time i saw bdb in la, i swear to goodness that a certain actress totally checked me & hollywood brown out; then the time before that, well it was the best in store ever

the cover for the blood brothers' "crimes" and their new bio. october can't come soon enough. we got new blood brothers, which to me, sounds heavily influenced by death from above, and death from above's full length finally comes out in october, too.


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