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skeet on mischa

i wouldn't have given you it if i didn't agree

Aug 14, 2004

how does a 13 year old girl become more 'hood' than jermanie durpi?

so craigers quits; alas, i'll miss his show, but then again, i haven't really watched his show since the day i watched him do rehersalas and he was wearing ugly shoes. i don't know why, but that made me lose what ever silver of respect i had for me.

i do have fond memories of the 'late, late show with craig kilborn':
-hanging out in the green room with two pas as they slammed stopwatches against a table, seeing how could get their watch to stop the fastest.
-lack of cool stuff and famous people in the green room.
-hearing dido do warm ups in her dressing room
-giving the black power fist to ben harper
-shouting out the names of bad guests during the warm up where kilborn asks, "who were some of your favorite guests?" and watching him grimace.
-the time when me and robin tried to go to a taping, but his car broke down, which became the first segment of the public access show.
-when hugh hefner walked out of his dressing room and myself, robin and a bunch of pas gave him a slow clap and high fives, something similar to the starting line up part of a basketball game.
-seeing a playboy playmate in real life; gigantic disapointment.


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