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Aug 22, 2004

i want my money back

open water is perhaps the second most over praised and over hyped indie film of the summer, following napoleon dynamite. open water is basically the cinematic equivelment of watching paint dry (i know its not a clever comparsion, but its pretty dead on) and i want to say after the third shot in the film, i knew this one was going to be a trainwreck, but not of the entertaining kind. there is no emotion in this film at all. the audience is supposed to be concerned about the couple stuck in the middle of the ocean, but you don't because they're unlikable people; there is no development to flesh out these characters other than they're workahloics and the girl has some nice boobs, but other than that, no feelings. well, i take that back, the only feeling you'll have is of regret. you'll be regretting that you spent ten bucks watching this mess instead of getting a smoothie and maybe a nudie magazine. there was more tension in the episode of full house where jesse & joey were trapped in the aquarium at epoct center

the digital video to film transfer does nothing for the film, if anything it makes the film look as if it was shot on mpeg mode on a sony digital camera. it's just a boring film and you know its a bad film when non movie nerds shout out, "rip off" at the end of it. this is a film made for mst3k.

seriously, perhaps the worst summer for movies, evs.

a hip tip for those who aren't looking to get beaten up, yet like to make fun of peoples' clothing:
-so there are gangs in the 714 portion of orange county who wear all pink. mexican teenaged boys dressed head to toe pink, from the size xxxxxxxxxxxxl pink shirt down to pink chucks. they walk around and look hard just waiting for somebody to comment on their gear to start a fight. so if you're like me and like your life, don't say nothing about the pink posse in front of them. make fun of them all you want when you're at home or on your blog or like in a car on the freeway leaving the place where you saw the posse.

i really wish that they would include that type of behavior on the upcoming season of "the oc", but sadly, since none of the writers live here, they won't. like if they did an episode of the show where they go to the block at orange and run into the deaf people who hold weekly meetings in front of starbucks or the aformentioned pink boys gang; it'd be hiliarious and perhaps more tension filled then open water.

i feel like i'm writing terriblely too much about the block, but i have to get this off my chest. so they had an all girl metal/punk cover band playing. they start do a cover of the song, "oi to the world". somebody doing a cover of a christmas song in the middle of august is not the issue, but it's the issue of which version are they covering? the vandals version or the no doubt version?

free show alert! free show alert! the thrills will bring their breezy, sun soaked music to amoeba on sept. 22 at 7p; i may have to leave class early for this one. also next tuesday, l.a.'s midnight movies will be at amoeba; see 'em and fall in love with their lead singer.

wilco will be at the wiltern on the 18th & 19th of november [thanks to missy]


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