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skeet on mischa

i wouldn't have given you it if i didn't agree

Aug 10, 2004

i'm love in my new paul frank sweatshirt. its apart of the new fall line. i'd direct link it, but i want to get it on the low pro; yet here's the problem of purchasing a sweatshirt in the middle of august, the weather just doesn't want to play pool with you. october can't come soon enough!

way to make your investment even more 'awful', if it all possible. rob reiner lost his edge a long, long, long time ago, not to mention an 'update' of the graduate. this film was destined to be a failure from the get go. yet here's the problem, they fire ted griffin for talking to his dp, ed lachman too much. i don't know, thats kind of a shitty reason to fire somebody and honestly, i'm looking at steven soderbaugh and george clooney, who are the producers of the film and wondering why didn't they defend their director or at least put up an effort to defend him. i don't know, i lost a bit of respect for them as producers.

scissor sisters + kylie= where was this collaboartion, like two years ago? although, if anything like that fischerspooner remix comes out of this collabo, i'm there with belles on.

some say 'girliest' tour of the fall; others say that not even the best ear plug known to man can prevent you from hearing all the screaming

since when did she have some boobs?

old news, but it has to be stated, that moving units album, "dangerous dreams" kinda not worth the wait, but "birds of prey" is excellent, its even better live, i went blind one time when they played it and got a bunch of riverside kids wet with my sweat during that one part where the song goes all crazy.

collateral is probably my favorite film of the year, so far. its the best performance ever done by the city of los angeles.


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