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Aug 30, 2004

its the end of you and me

“let me ask you a question, what don't you like?”-dave chapelle

i think that line pretty much sums this year’s vmas. nothing shocking, nothing scandalous, and most importantly, nothing interesting. excitement and a decent performance became this awards show ‘great pumpkin’ and i sat there like linus. hoping maybe chapelle would come on and make some joke about how much of an asshole will smith or there’d be some surreal moment like when jack white said thanks to the olsen twins.

i dunno, if i say, ‘worst vmas ever,’ i’d probably be wrong in a year or two from now. it was dull; even the bad years, at least moments where you could say, “oh, hey did you see it when jimmy fallon did that ryan seacrest impression? that’s kinda funny” (i only say kinda funny cause it kills me to admint that jimmy fallon did something funny for a change.) where as this, you’re like, those five minutes dave chapelle was on and when jojo presented were fucking out of sight, as the rest, i can’t even remember.

we at skeetonmischa, are huge fans of pop star jojo when she’s just being herself and being the most thugged out 13 year old this side of compton and when she finally came to the stage to do her thing, well, to be honest, we were rolling on the floor with laugther. i can’t get past how affected she’s become and the way, she talks. she’s like ali g, but its all legit.

don’t get me started on wanye being in the bubble at the vmas. when i saw that at whoachella, i nearly pooped myself, but on the vmas, it seemed a smidge cheap.

wasn’t it me or was the dude from yellowcard on the verge of tears when they won their award? not to mention, thank goodness that maroon 5 won best new artist and perhaps, they’ll be the next victim of its curse.

the forced push to get everybody and vote, you know what, don't mtv, give up because your program and your video rotation caters to fucking 13 years and last time, i checked, they don't vote. so why forced voting excitement down our throats again and again. i'm at the point of not wanting to vote to spite mtv and their efforts.

yet, oddly enough, what made me the most upset during the vmas were the promos for mtv’s upcoming fall line up and one show in particular. i can forgive giving jet the award for best rock video because frankly, they won’t be making music in three years from now; i can forgive alot of things, but one thing i can not forgive, is mtv’s upcoming show, ”laguna beach”.

the city of laguna beach is about a five minute drive from my house, okay. so in a way, i feel violated. mtv has brought camera crews into the little nooks and grannies of my loved/hated home turf to expose to the rest of the world. estentially, i worry about the after effects of this show and it’ll affect me and my daily life. i am very paraniod person with minor moments of ocd, so when i have people fucking my shit, i stress out or break out into hives and rashs, its not pretty. now with this show, “laguna beach” i have the biggest fear in the wide world that these one dimensional wanna be lindsay lohans and seth cohens are going to destroy my favorite spot for mexican food in all of the world.

its a diamond in the rough open 24 hours a day, where the floors are sticky and the booths aren’t always the cleanest, but most importantly, the food is just simply amazing. this place is albertacos and i can’t imagine the past three years of my life without it. if you go there on a friday or saturday night, its virtually a who’s who of south o.c. scene and metalcore kids. its the sceniest of the scene and frankly, it scares the hell out of me, but i love it and thats why i go nearly once a week. the woman who works the night shift, she knows you and she simply just shots you a look when your order is ready as opposed to yelling out a number; its like the mexican family, i’ve always wanted minus having to live with them, but i get all of the meals.

so i worry that these fucks will go there one night on their show and my spot will be blown. i mean, i can slightly sense that another beloved late night mexican stomping ground, taco loco might be spotblown as well. although, taco loco located on pch is ideal for people watching, the food doesn’t compare to albertacos at all, but i like drinking there. i just shudder to think about the moment where all across the country, a beloved hippie run taco shack will be on the tv and on its patio, mesh hatted teenaged girls will have inane conversations about how upset they are and how stressed they are about senior year and all.

i don’t mind the television show, “the oc” because its shot in manhattan beach and it brought us: my blog’s namesake(mischa barton), samaire armstrong, a new fond love for peter ghallenger’s eyeborrows, and rachel bilson. okay, thats alot to give to the world when i give some little in return. they don’t really spot blow on that show, but on “laguna beach,” yeah, they’re going to ruin alot of things for alot of people.

so honestly, mtv, a gigantic fuck you to you. now we’re gonna have even more lameys down here invading our mexican resturants. why couldn’t you have just hung around saddleback chruch or a wahoo’s fish tacos? there’s like eighty five of those, but only two albertacos and the other one is in colorado and i aint moving to colorado.

i understand the frustration that people have when 'the real world' comes to town because they're gonna ruin all things that you hold dear to your heart about your home town.

not to mention, just mtv's blatant generalization about everybody who lives out here are beach bums. we're not. not every dude is a surfer; i don't know anybody personally who has ever surfed in their life. we don't sit around on the beach all day; some of us like to watch the simpsons and masterbate. more people out here are into skateboarding, if you're gonna do the youth culture. its just bullshit. i don't really apperciate the broad stereotyping and calling your show, "the real orange county." the real orange county is a salad bowl with all kinds of white people. not everybody is into being at the beach and surfing.

while, i’m writing angerily, i must extended another gigantic fuck you to dr. jerry buss, owner of the lakers. yeah, way to fucking go on trading shaq cause he lost a lot of weight and looks lean, and who the fuck do we have? kobe and vlade; jeepers creepers, its going to be fun finishing in fourth place.


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