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skeet on mischa

i wouldn't have given you it if i didn't agree

Aug 15, 2004

it's a holiday for a hanging

seriously, i'm just killing time until three things happen:
-school starts and in my journalism class, i'll attempt to write reviews of the new blood brothers, lcd soundsystem, and, death from above albums for credit, as well as convince people to work on a project that i can only describe as curb meets day for night meets i spit on your grave and/or a rip off of around the horn cept its hipsters arguing about records and films.
-my copy of the korean film, old boy to come.
-rilo kiley's in store at amoeba on tuesday night. i saw them at the end of july; blew my mind, but now i want to watch them for free and take grainy photos with my cell phone.

the sensiable hilton sister pulls a 'britney'.

puerto rico upsets the billionare boys club; frankie cutlass sells a couple more albums in wake of stunning upset.

no reason for posting this picture, other than i had a dream about her the other night.


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