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Aug 12, 2004

more than this

sofia coppola is going to write & direct a film based on the life of marie-antoinette. kirsten dunst and jason schwartzman attached to star. appartenly, its going to be a "stylized account of the enigmatic royal,". and by stylized do they mean, lars von trier stylized, you know some warehouse in sweeden with chalk outlines on the ground that say, "louis xvi's crib" or stylized like a baz luhurman film, old timey dialogue, but modern music. cause with sofia's track record with air and this film being set in france, i dunno, it just smells really good to me.

although, i'd probably call this film, sofia's apocalypse now. she'll have access too much equipment, too much money, too much power, and little by little, she'll gone insane; just like her dad.

speaking of air, for those who were really excited for their hollywood bowl show with the orchestra and phoenixopenning up may be disapointed to hear that phoenix is no longer on the bill, but its still air with an orchestra; better get your tickets fast.

the blood brothers are on the same label as that girl who sings in that lame cell phone commerical, so expect the same level of promotion that has made the icarus line gigantic sellers this year!


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