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Aug 23, 2004

my wife, she's so boring

so i prepared myself to finally write a full on review of chan-wook park’s oldboy. i had written the review a couple of times in my head, but when i thought about it, i realized two things. one, who else besides movie nerds have heard about this and b, why waste so much energy on a film that only asian cinefiles are gonna seek out.

yet its my duty to write a few lines on this film and only state an extremely necessary opinion about the latest crop of asian cult cinema. these films such as battle royale are praised by internerd critics as these brilliant films with extreme and excessive violence that are beyond cool or as they may say, ‘wicked’. then somebody you sorta respect like quentin tarantino talks about these films, so you spend like 40 bucks on bootlegs and another 40 bucks on a cheap dvd player thats region less. then after you watch these films which are supposed to blow your mind, you’re left in the room, thinking to yourself, “i guess, it was kind of cool.” but in turn, you found yourself fall half asleep during the second act and sorta confused about who’s who.

which leads me to my thoughts about old boy, my initial thoughts, primarily based on the first forty minutes, it was enjoyable and fairly interesting. for those who don’t know, the basic plot, old boy is about a man (played by min-sik choi) who is kidnapped on the night of his daugther’s third birthday and is imprisioned in a hotel room for fifthteen years with only a tv. then one day, he is released, meets a sushi chef (mega babe kang hye jong) and attempts to find out who has imprisioned him. that’s all you need to know about and frankly, that’s all the film should’ve been about. mid way through the second act it falls apart and becomes bogged down in attempts at shocking plot twists and turns. if you’ve watched enough films, you could see the turns coming up pretty quickly; well, in this post shyamalan era, everybody can see it coming.

at first, i compared it to tarantino and jeunet, but a more accurate description would be if david fincher directed the limey with a bit more violence. even with the worst fincher films have interesting moments; and old boy has its moments, but it loses all of its energy in the second act.

after, i’ve spent all of this money and time with this film, buying it on dvd, then getting a new dvd player, i read in the sunday edition of the los angeles times that they’re planning a winter release of the film in the states, along with numerous other asian films. addittionaly, they mention that in works is an american remake of old boy. yes, good idea, until who i heard was working on the project. while i enjoyed his film, better luck tomorrow, i don’t believe justin lin has the strength as a director to tackle this type of film. give the project to fincher, get george clooney, clean up the second act and you’ll have a hit film.

sofia mini-the web site! for all of those who love sofia coppola, the embodiment of indie chic and not neccessarily, sofia coppola, the filmmaker. i highly recommend watching the first video of her to song number 5, you’ll understand what i mean, if you click on the link. you know you wanna. speaking of sofia, be on the prowl for her at the air hollywood bowl show.

for those looking for some poonanny and want to fib a smidge about your political leanings, the check out f the vote. i search, in california, its mostly dudes, but there’s one sorta babe from the oc! i don't know i think that kerry could get more votes if there was site like, bjs4jk.com

bitches in hollywood never seem to get over the concept of ‘if it aint broke, don’t fix it.

catch a sample of midnight movies here and here; i tolds ya, you’d fall for the lead singer. her and sebastien of death from above 1979 should make a sexy army of singers/drummers.

holy shit balls! the oc really wants to be the new 902010; the bait shop featuring performences by the walkmen, the killers, and modest mouse. i’m still waiting for my rilo kiley cameo; come on, they perform “accidental death” and can’t you see seth cohen clapping along. [link via whatevs]

dawn of the dead ulimate edition dvd sounds mighty excellent.

and today, is the last day of summer for your humble narrator; for tomorrow, i go back to school; but seriously school is already annonying the heck out of me cause fees went up after i registered so i have debt to pay and when i go to pay it on line, i can’t get through nor can i get through on the phone; its total ugh, y’all.

in the whiny words of chris carbaba, “so long, sweet summer”


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