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Aug 23, 2004

so, mr peacock, how does that blood taste like?

a little classic rachel and samarie action for y'all...

they told me to do a second update, even though i had a few things to ramble about..

tiny mix tapes reports that the walkmen are going out on tour with incubus. yeah, i know, what the fuck? but its no different than the death cab for seth cohen/blink 182 shows. will it help the walkmen move a couple more copies of "bows & arrows"? hopefully, because more kids need to hear their stuff, but most likely hamilton's red faced vocals will be lost on the abercombie kids. p-fork interviews the walkmen

hip hop site says that the first single from the forthcoming, "white people's album" by handsome boy modeling school will feature del tha funkee homosapien, barrington levy and alex of franz; but what's even better than that news, is that del is in the studios with dan the automator for a sequel to "deltron 3030".

for a while, i really didn't get all of the hubaloo for the libertines. when i first heard, oh, just another english band; whatevs. that changed slightly last night as i got their video for the lead single, "can't stand me now". i, personally couldn't get it to work on my computer but check it out here.

way to ruin a really good song; well not really, it just sort of ruins my memories of the song, like when i heard it at the very first show the postal service ever did and it was really hot; but now, it's used in some fucking josh hartnett film. although, i can't really knock jimmy tamberello because he allowed robin brown to used his music for free in a short film.

dear arizona police,

you have a piece of comedic gold locked away in your evidence vaults. it features borat stimulating masterbation in the home of a new age healer. you can sell the dvd and you'll be able to afford the police department whatever they need in the coming year.

so for the good of the world, please give it to sascha baron cohen and let us unite in laugther.


douglas reinhardt

and yes, i am preparing myself for the whooping amounts of irony that will be me wearing my 'single' belt at school tomorrows.


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