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Aug 27, 2004

the ubiquitous reference to in-n-out

i figure since, i write about southern california and a way to prove that you live in southern california is to make a reference to in-n-out, so here's my reference to it.

frankly, i like tommy's better, but it never gets the love.

so i've brought myself to finally writing about my first week back at school. the fact is, there's nothing really to write about. its a bunch of dudes with mesh hats and hoven sunglasses and girls who would barely tower above five feet if it wasn't for their platform sandals. too much make up on faces and too much money spent on clothes. (it should be note, that yes, i, your humble narrator spends far too much on clothing from time to time, but i wear my designer shit until it smells like shaq's socks after a game).

the campus or at least a good portion of it is a large ashtray where the stoners with bad facial hair and acoustic guitars attempt to sing bob marley and pink floyd songs. i'm not sure if this is a problem with other schools, but my school has quite a few old timers. some are cool cause they're old, they've lived, and have a story to tell or at least an unusually deep voice. then there are those who believe they're still 20 like this one lady in a class of mine. she wore white parachute cargo pants with pink chucks; did she steal the outfit from her eight year old daugther's closet? not to mention, she's tanorexic and won't shut up. every five minutes, she has something to say, and guess what, my class with her is three hours and its twice a week and you're stuck there and in your head, playing "deck chairs and cigarettes" by the thrills, wishing that you would've done more with your summer.

in conversations i've had with people from old writing classes, it seems like nobody else wrote anything either, so i'm not so bad.

i'm not saying that i hate all of my classes; i throughly enjoy my journalism class because we were thrown into the fire within the first 15 minutes of class each time with mock press conferences. my film class seems daunting, but only cause i know nobody and everybody in there seems like best friends since first grade; yet i want to work and stress out over stuff.

as well there's the problem with dudes that have ryan cabrera and/or yugioh hair.

perhaps, my favorite observation about school were made in a text message convo with natali hopkins:
me: "the best part of community college is that there's some dude who looks like jesus"
natali: "i think its required to have a few of those at every jc."
me: "thats why they are called jcs"

sure, i would love to still be at home, spending my days hanging out with my dog, but i gotta grow and transfer to a legit school to get degrees and papers, so i can get paid in full.

hey short list of music panelists, that peaches album, "fatherfucker" sucked and i'm calling bullshit on your list cause most likely josh homme voted for himself (see eagles of death metal); addittionaly the madvillian record was way better than jaylib. yet good looking out on "talkie walkie" by air & "alphabetical" by phoenix.

pitchfork sez that every band on the air show at hollywood bowl will be joined by an orchestra. so stereolab and sondre lerche fans, get on your shit.

some say the hottest our blog's namesake has ever been

don't forget to be very bored and disapointed by the mtv vmas on sunday night. watch your band like good charolette win awards for the most punk rockin' songs since sid vicious died.


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