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Aug 20, 2004

we can make each other happy

stream the new, official version of"crimes" by the blood brothers; in stores on october 12th. in my opinion, they should've gone with the other version of the title track, 'crimes,' while the guitars may sound really good on the one that made final cut; there's just something quite cinematic with the other one.

go to the el rey on october 8th to see the blood brothers with me.

when i saw lcd soundsystem play, there was not enough time in their set, but james murphy said that they were going to do a cover of a harry nilsson song entitled, "jump into the fire". murphy said it was amazing, their cover of the song. so flash forward to last night, i finally download the song and wow, the harry nilsson is quite amazing and you could only begin to imagine what lcd soundsystem would've done with this song live. clothing most likely would've been removed by the audience and or fainting. the bass line on the nilsson is just so tremedous.

yet why all of a sudden dig up some obscure 80s song? cause it was used in the cocaine paranoia sequence of a little masterpiece known as goodfellas. frankly, if you call yourself a student of film or even the causal admirer of the cinema, you owe to yourself to watch this film at least two times. last night, marked the first time i watched the film since i got my dvd player back in the x-mas of '98; i had it on laserdisc, yet never picked up the dvd of it. yet as i watched this film, i realized how much it has influenced me. scorseseis quite possibley the greatest american filmmaker of all time and with goodfellas, he dismantles and creates the cinema. he took bits and pieces for the new wave and neo realism movements and just created an cinematic monster. everything in it is perfect; the acting-perfect, editing-perfect, cinematrography-don't even get me started. its a built around small details and each little detail pay offs ten fold. goodfellas is clearly the best film of the 90s and its influenced and impact is still being felt. i examined the first real screenplay i worked on, a teen high school comedy, but everything in element from its loose, episodic structure to its use of voice over and montange, i felt clearly was derived from scorsese and pulgei's screenplay. i think that warner brothers with their release of the scorsese box set has done to the film world a gigantic favor providing a insight into the mind of the film world's masters.

remember the faint? well, they're coming to the la area, at the mayan, a great spot for shows on november 14 & 15 with potential residents on my top ten albums of the year list, tv on the radio. the new faint album, "wet from birth" will be released on sept. 14th and its probably already leaked on line.

speaking of november tour dates and conflicting scwedules, everybody's favorite femmist protest pop trio, le tigre will be hitting be the la area on november 16th & 17th at the el rey. [link from the thigh master]

gsl says that the new mars volta album, 'francis the mute' should be out in november; so start growinng out your fros now.

paul frank's new fall line is wonderful

dudes, the arcade game arctic thunder is totally disappointing especially if you been waiting like ten minutes to play it at chuck e cheese's; although i saw this one hot indie rock mom there; thats the problem with indie rock mom, they have kids and they're into being married.

oh, samarie armstrong, why do you have to be so hot and not on my tv anymore? can you please get a job at my local paul frank store or the diesel store to replace the girls with britney acne.


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