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Aug 11, 2004

worst update, ever!

pitbull's video for his single, "culo," the latina big ass anthem of the summer has to have the worst video since bon jovi's "bad medicine" or at least its hip hop cousin. if you're gonna make a video for a song about big asses, then why not show big asses? walking by and seeing the hispanic jailbait across the street wash her car to this song would've been the best video ever.

addittionally, when they play "culo" on the radio, they don't say 'culo,' its just a whistle sound effect, yet on mtv, they do not censor the word. bizzare, bizzare.

the compromising of jimmy kimmel has started this past week. everything that made his show a train wreck, a very watchable and enjoyable trainwreck has been removed and now kimmel's slowly becoming a soul less jay leno wanna be. gone is his desk chat; replaced by a monlogue, where he stands. not to mention, the removal of the co host so many months ago. if abc wanted jay leno, then why don't they go after ed hall, former leno announcer.

defamer reports that soderbaugh was the one who fired ted griffin; in other news, i've lost all respect for steven soderbaugh. first, he makes full frontal, then solaris and marries jules anser. sure full frontal was mildly excusable, and well, the less said about the boring mess known as solaris the best, but marrying jules anser has single handly ruined the e! channel, remember when she hosted 'wild on'?

a hot, really needy many moore type has replaced the frat house babe on road rules 13: franzmania!


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