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skeet on mischa

i wouldn't have given you it if i didn't agree

Sep 29, 2004

being there

for what its worth, mtv finally got something right. the show, "laguna beach," actually captured the real orange county: a bunch of spoiled rich kids that constantly talk about drama and conflict, yet there never is a single moment of conflict or drama in their sheltered lives. the pilot episode was perhaps the most uneventual 30 minutes of television since "joey" say with the exception to the ocassional bikini shot from our babe of the week, kirstin.

at first, i thought the show was phonier than jerry seinfeld, but as i got hooked into the uneventful nature of the show, i realized that is true, this is real life. girls will wear black uggs with a mini skirt and a matching black shirt and engage in the most meaningless conversations where the expression, "hook up" is used at least 7 times in the matter of two minutes. the myth of all orange county kids being witty marvels like seth cohen are long gone, we are people who speaking in two word sentences and a tendencay to over use slang and catch phrases. did you hear how many times kirstin said, "lagging"? somebody call the grammar police and give these kids a thesaurus asap.

the show had it all. the suvs, the trucker hats, the shaggy, shaun white hair and the aforementioned ugg boots. not to mention, the show wasn't full of babes, either.

yet here's the thing about this show, it could've been set in maliboobs and the same show would've happen. there is nothing distinctively "o.c." so far in this show, it could've been any sleepy, small, rich coastal community, along p.c.h. well, the only difference between a malibu black & white affair and a laguna beach black & white affair, is that kimberely stewart might show up with sleezey boyfriend in malibu asking if her brother is there and if he's still sober.

so "laguna beach" is a show that will not blown any spots for the locals, say for taco loco because these kids will not stray further past than south coast plaza during the prom episode. so the indie kids, your fears should be put to the side about your favorite mexican resturant being all over mtv.

clips from team america can be found here and here.

melissa etheridge to get her own sitcom; described as "will & grace" with a kid, but will most likely be the worst bit of sitcom stunt casting since "emeril".

pedro martinez apparently hangs out with a midget for good luck; so i was wondering if i could hang out with rachel bilson for good luck, since she's as tall as a lawn nome.

Sep 28, 2004

heroes & villians

two painfully important things, kids. if you're gonna read any of this post, make sure its this part:
-boys & girls, we've finally made it to the premiere of mtv's look into my neck of the woods, "laguna beach", tonight at 10:30pm. will local spots be blown by mtv's cameras? find out on wednesday morning.
-bloc party, the hippest band of the year, of the month, of the week, of the day from across the pond will be doing a free show next tuesday at ucla. seriously, take off from work or school, drive down to westwood, stop over at jerry's deli and dance like a fool. if you can't make it to the free show, check out bloc party at spaceland on rocktober 4th and on the 5th at cinespace; you'll probably see steve aoki at all of the shows.

i have a fear that our favorite gangster pop queen, jojo might all get skanked now, since she did a mega phoney air kiss with christina aguilera. jojo doesn't need to be all gallagher'ed out right now. she's too cool for junior high, y'all.

i did something that i'm not a big fan of doing, its called proof reading, and boy howdy, on a couple past posts of mine, i so wished i did that. my writing looks like a cell phone conversation on lake forest drive(which is a joke that one person will get). yet oddly, its our bread & butter, to boldy be consistently inconsistent. so for future reference, if there's a missing word or a mispelling, its totally meant to be.

we may have a gay crush on jude law and all, but, sorry, jude, you look like you have some std on the poster for alfie. with the blurry nature and over all lack of proper exposure from a camera phone picture, its difficult to see it, but the next you to go the movies, tell me that you don't think jude has herpes or something.

wacky movie idea, instead of doing a remake, why didn't the producers of alfie, make an alf movie with jude law. like they go to the caribbean and pick up on chicks; it'd be like dirty rotten scoundrels, cept jude would say, "alf, take that cat out of your mouth!" alot.

social d. has a new album out today and they are such a weird phenomenon out here, that according to the girl at tower, people were buying 2 copies of it at a time ("bro, i gotta have one for the truck and one for the crib"). but for a person who works at tower, she was completely unaware of the oc/social d. connection, citing that everybody had to be into sublime out here.

the third season of "curb.." on dvd in january; people like me who don't have the hbo, are creaming our jeans.

seriously, if this post seems rather flat, its cause, i have eaten at all today, been up since 6:30 in the morning, and saw a major babearaus rex at school, and only wish that babes like her were into bloggers like me.

Sep 27, 2004

polaroid scene has to change its domain names. they're taking suggestions. me, i'm on the fence about sending in my new name suggestions, like steveaokisdanceparty.com; iwanttobeterryrichardson.com; babesinfendoras.com; hipsterssuck.com; lacreeps.com; deathtothescene.com; nottoosocial.com; justagooddrinker.com; hipcheese.com; hipsthatkill.com; dudeswhostillweartruckerhats.com; ilikefreebeer.com. you know something like that.

and in all honesty, i'm not knocking that dude cuz he gets to party, meet babes and hang out with steve aoki. if you've been a devoted reader of my words, then you should know about me and my wishes to meet steve aoki. i got close one night, i told a buddy of his that i liked his record label and the friend gave me the thumbs up.

and if i was a social butterfly and made it on that site, you totally know i'd write about it and tell my family about it. "i finally made it as a cewebriity!"

don't be light

this past sunday night was air with an orchestra at the hollywood bowl. there's two things that i don't do well as a writer: write up something i liked alot and explain why i liked it. yet with air at the hollywood bowl, i presented with two brand new problems, its called, writing up something that i loved and explaining why i loved it.

i don't remember set lists too terriblely well, so i'll present a list of memobarable moments from the show:
-"don't be light" with beck doing his spoken word part
-"remember" with the violins; it gave me chills
-a 10 minute version of "biological"
-"alone in kyoto" in person, finally.
-"high school love"
-"la femme d'argent"

the set went back from orchestra accompament to just the band its self. i have only seen air live before, which was at coachella, so it was slightly similar set lists and i can't compare, but i believe that this had to have been one of the best performances i've seen. everybody was note perfect.

although, the same can not be said about stereolab, unfornately. while not being the world's biggest stereolab, i was a bit disapointed, but i believe that they couldn't connect with the audience. the same went for sondre lerche. they had their moments, but overall, all the la people were busy talking about what wine they brought and a good cheese to eat along with it.

the hollywood bowl, its self, is a great venue for a concert because you can bring in whatever you want, pretty much. i mean, i saw people with knifes, well, they used it to cut the cheese. bring in your alcohol and food, yet that represents a bit of the problem i had with the bowl crowd. everybody's been boozing since 4o'clock, so it turns people into chatterboxes, which makes listening to stereolab difficult when you got some retarded conversation between two girls about how they like nerdy guys who are cute in one ear. so hollywood bowl, yeah, its brilliant, but if you're gonna go, you have to make a day out of it. bring your picnic basket, bring your wine or whatever, leave early and park at one of the many park-n-rides that bowl offers and you'll be good.

the crowd, dudebro, i don't know what it is about the 27 and plus la people. they're just so retarded and patheic. you're nearly 30, you have to go to work on monday morning, yet you get stoned at a concert, still? and what was up with all of the ironic mullets and trucker hats? the aging hipsters of la are just about as scary as the waterpolo teams of south orange county. while, water polo teams are terrorists with shaggy blonde hair, flip flops and a hacky sac, the aging hipsters of la represent day of future present; things to come, and it's sad, really sad. i don't want to be the guy wearing the leather fedora and green pants whose 40 at the show nor do i want to be the guy with the pixies shirt and plaid punk rock pants on whose like 26 and he's at the show, solo. yeah, la, well at least not at the air show, was not fashion forward with their horrible hippie necklaces and male chokers. its just bad, really bad.

it begins! mischa b to star in a horror film!; it's a mid 90s to late 90s teen horror revivial all over again

pitchfork says new lips in summer of '05; i want to see them in snoop town in early november

fat joe, should wake up and realize that sadly, it's a hip hop one hit wonder; "lean beack" will go the way of "u can't touch this"

the tonight with conan o'brien, i love the sound of it; lets just hope truimph will still be funny by 2009

everybody, wake up, fudge your fedora, its all about alien masks, nowadays

mean girls: the dvd is awesome, y'all. tina fey talkin' about john madden and a 10 minute behind the scenes special on the clothing of the plastics.

stereogum talks about the new gwen stefani single; its getting alot of airplay on kroq. my thoughts on the song, is slightly similar to unpublished review of velvet revolver (gymbore guns n roses), it's electro pop for mommies & daddies who loved no doubt in the mid 90s, but now they got a couple of kids, so they're not up on their shit anymore, but this is a song that the kids sorta like and you can dance to. since i saw a man who was putting his three daugthers into a suv dancing to the song.

Sep 25, 2004

desperate living

some people will do anything to get a little buzz going.

i honestly believe that this is the closet jay leno has come to a lap dance or at least, the closet without being all ducked out in denim.

Sep 24, 2004

last exit

scott herren aka prefuse 73 after making my favorite album in 2003, "one word extinguisher", has made one of the most slept on records of 2004 with his side project, savath & savalas. "apropa't" is on some glitchy, spanish folk zero 7 type of shit which i'm completely shocked that nobody has picked up on yet. the collaboration between herren and spanish folk singer, eva puyuelo muns is quite beautiful and i was lucky enough to catch them at coachella this past year.

yet here's the catch, herren says that the collobrative process between himself and eva puyuelo muns is over. so all those of you who are now getting hip to the sound, should be bummed. and to my three friends that i made watch savath & savalas should thank me. for the true believers, warp records has released an ep entitled, "manana," which nicely ties up the relationship between eva and herren.

anybody know anything else about herren's new sideproject piano overlord, yet? color me very interested; well, basically, whatever herren does, i'm interested.

who would've thought that pat bentar samples and gangsta rap would sound good together? i'm prefer the jim jones remix of "breathe," but then again, i'm a nerdy white kid.

so the other day, i was all stoked about george a romero getting a deal for land of the dead; now i'm mildly depressed over the casting IE john leguizamo why george, why? i don't mind the casting of dennis hopper or asia argento, but i like my romero zombie films with casts of unknown and maybe like one genre actor like a john saxon or a bruce campbell or a reggie bannister type; not fucking john leguizamo, unless he gets eaten by zombies within the first thirty seconds of the film.

i must extend a bit of thanks in the direction of uncle gramdo for mentioning our humble little blog in the lead story of thursday's update.

air drumming has become my new passion as of late. two songs in particular, "banquet" by bloc party and "dead bodies" from the virgin suicides score. i pray that i hit a red light when these songs are on in the car, only so i can do a full fledge, neil pert esque drum solo. seriously, forget all that air guitar revival business, its all about air druming as opposed to my brief idea in the early 2000s, air turn tables.

michel gondry told me to tell you that eternal sunshine of the spotless mind will be out on dvd on tuesday. so don't forget to pick up the new interpol album and that fine film.

if you're gonna be at the air show this weekend, be sure to say hi, cause you know i'll be there, but mostly i'll be on the prowl for any potential sofia coppola sightings, so i ask her for a job on her new film and tell her to get chris doyle to be her d.p., but mostly i'll be there for the music.

Sep 23, 2004

watts up!

naomii watts is done with younger guys, which doublely kicks me out of any potential romantic interludes with the sassie aussie. i was once told that i looked like heath ledger, so you know she doesn't want to revisit the past, y'all.

don't you guys just love the second day of autumn in southern california? its about 80, girls in convertables drivin' around with the top down on their way to the beach, and there couldn't be a cloud in the sky.

speaking of california, most of my california readers should be getting their voting guide in the mail today. so be like nelson and read it from cover to cover and most importantly, vote smart, vote early, vote kerry and if at possible, vote more than once.

moments in gore

george a. romero's land of the dead is picking up some major speed. universial is gonna release the film, which means it'll be rated r (but y'all already knew that there was gonna be the unrated special edition dvd, right?), but more importantly, production starts in october! just a couple steps closer to a real zombie film.

for all the zach braffanics, garden state on dvd in late december; on a professional/side note, anybody know where "scurbs" films? i want to pitch braff my idea for the indie rock laverne & shirley really badly. i think we could probably get ben gibbard to do a cover of the theme song, maybe even the postal service?

so i was out on a walk and a lady drives by me and she turns down her radio real low, then as soon i'm gone, she turns it back up, and she's blasting out jojo. seriously, lady, there aint nuthin' to be embrassed about when you got jojo on your stereo. your ears in our goods hands with jojo.

stereogum has an mp3 of le tigre's beyond ear delicious cover of the pointer sisters' "i'm so excited". if you're not dancing, then you're not human. i went all sorts of 'ape poopy' when they did it at coachella and if you see them on tour, then you have to go 'ape poopey' as well.

it seems that this tv season, everything has some tie to the oc, even this season of "american's next top model," with norelle, but frankly, i'm pulling for cassie this season, since she's a stripper and smoking gun, i'm looking in your direction for any potential tea revealing photos de cassie.

why did abc have to break up the season premiere of "lost" into two parts and fill the bottom right corner of the screen with annonying promos for "the bachelor" throughout the show? it's so distracting and unnerving. yeah, i'm gonna be like every other critic and say that "lost" is good television, but it should be a movie, it should be on hbo, it should only be released onto dvds every couple amonths, not on network television where i have to see the fugly mugg of some skeezer with fake whopbompers from "the bachelor" every commerical break or nearly be driven to the brink of tears due to the promos of "extreme makeover: home edition". honestly, i wish the show would get canceled so it just be on dvd and i can watch it commercial free.

anybody else notice that thomas lennon & robert ben garant of "the state" & "reno 911!" co wrote the jimmy fallon snooze fest, taxi; apparently, they also wrote the new lohan film as well. me, personally, i'm just waitin' on the dvd release of "the state," so i can watch the doug sketches and feel cool like i did in sixth grade cause i had the same name as a cool guy as opposed to having the same name as an animated weiner with a shitty theme song.

Sep 22, 2004

kissing the lipless

could therre be any less buzz or syngergy than drew carrey guest filling in for craggers in late night? i had the oppurnity to catch the trainwreck on tuesday night. drew carrey, who now looks a husband with three kids, who snapped and realized he's gay and decided to spend his mid life crisis money on a pad in south beach, is such a bad interviewer that he'll make you feel good about yourself. you know that you could do a better job. why didn't he try to get any of his buddies to be on his show like jimmy kimmel does or have an overweight woman with far too much eye shadow on, hang out in the corner, so he'll have somebody to play off. each moment was painful and thankfully, i missed his monologue.

d.l. hughley starts his two day stint tonight and next week, look out for michael ian black, and uggh, anna geyster;the guest host list herre

ashlee simpson is a total wanna be in pop music and now, in the movies

everybody is bummin' in the oc over a.k. being out for the season, yet we're sorta stoked that its less than a week until the premiere of "laguna beach"

for those who wished that guy ritchie who stop hanging out with madonna and make a good movie, should watch this, even if it bites the steez of spun a smidge.

i remember one time calling a guy out because his story completely ripped off spun and he was like, "i've never heard of that movie." b-u-l-l-i-s-h!

the fanastic four cast is revealed to the nerd masses, collectively, we say, "why does jessica alba have hair like she's in a winger video about how she's only seventeen and you know what i mean" or we said, "dude, the thing blows".

ultra grrl keeps on posting these photos of a major babearaus rex; we wish she'd stop cause it makes us mad since at the only club we at skeet go to, club bang rarely takes pictures of babes, let alone, babearaus. they only take pictures where people look off to the side and look really lame

napoleon is gonna be out in december on the dvd; i still want to pitch my sketch, "kim jong dynamite" to bobby lee

Sep 21, 2004

dear sophie muller,

please stick to directing videos for gwen stefani & maroon 5.

your latest effort, "the end has no end" by the strokes comes off as a half assed attempt to marry all of the wacky, nutty, out there ideas of kubrick's 2001: a space odyssey to the frustration and strain of relationships from mike nichols' carnal knowledge. i'm sure if you would've pitched this concept to maroon 5 like for the first video from their next album, they would've been all over it cause they're probably going to be in the artist phase and talk about 'progression' alot in their interviews in regards to the new album.

its not too hard to direct a strokes video. check out the video, "someday". its a nutty concept, rock stars playing the feud and hanging out with their buddies, drinking some brew. its not rocket science, miss mueller, just get a lot of angles during the performance and you're solid gold.

placing celebrities such as eve mendes and mila kunis in the video isn't going to get airplay on mtv for the strokes. as sad as it seems, the strokes don't write catchy, crossover soundtrack and soda pop commerical jawns like their aussie counterparts, jet do so frequently. so as much as mtv wants to be the rock station, sadly, they're not. well, they'll play you if you're really punk and all into a nightmare before christmas.

i admire the performance piece of your video, but other wise than that, its just a confusing mess with only one clear thought: somebody wants to direct features really badly, huh?


douglas reinhardt

the man who made huge boobs an art form of sorts, russ meyer has passed away. i've only seen one of his film and remember being really disappointed because i was 14 and there wasn't alot of bare boobies in the film.

i see the new laverne & shirley here, my main man. quick, get aueter zach braff on this one, asap as well as get the yeah yeah yeahs to do the theme song.

while everybody and their kid sister is picking up mean girls and star wars on dvd this week, don't forget these ones as well:
-the john cassavetes box set five of his films plus a nearly three hour documentary on the man
-fellini's la dolce vita.
-mr show: season 4

yeah, i'll steal buy their records though

dig! will be playing on october 8th at the cinemas next to uci. supposedly, this is one of the best rockumentary since martin dibergi picked up a camera. check out the trailer

and sadly, kids, i might have too much on my plate this particular week to keep up with the joness in the blogosphere. classes are being such a bummer right now. like this weekend, is the weekend of air with the la phil at the hollywood bowl, something i've been waiting for aboot 3 months now. so school is a major dick and is like, 'nah, dude, you can't have a good time. we're gonna fuck with your weekend major league.'

i just think that one needs to give first time tv production kids a little more than a week and a half to produce an interview segment especially when your team seems extremely invorted and you'll be the one on camera even though you're trying reallly hard to look like pete doughtery and not be camera friendly.

adios amigos!

Sep 20, 2004

there's a starman waiting in the sky...

nice peace medallion, dude. what? were they out of coke spoon necklaces?

over the weekend, i had this thing in my head that i was dying to write. in a way, it was my riot act against the youth of america; the kids in the early to mid teens. it was going to be really clever and smart, but somewhere in my weekend, my train of thought took off to new mexico and not to my laptop. rushing back and forth to home depot three times in the span of two hours to buy lights, then to buy new light covers cause the old ones were broken while installing the lights, then to reteurn the light covers cause they weren't the right size and find the right ones. even after all of that, your kitchen is too bright and two out of three light covers don't fit right, and each time, in the car, it seems that "everyone" by van morrison is the only song that is on. so through the sweat and frustration, i lost it.

what spurred me on to begin with was these stupid kids during a screening of shaun of the dead. it was like pinball between these teenagers of who would over do the laughs and comments during the film. i'm not one to frawn upon during a bad movie like bring it on or well any kirsten dunst teen comedy pretty much is ripe with jokes to be made, but here's the thing, these kids' jokes had nothing to do with the film or add anything to the film, they just said the newfound slang mixture of "napoleon" speak meets "surfer dude," 'hehe, its a movie.'

you see that was just one group, so the ball is now passed over to another set of dudebros will do a varation of the first set of dudebros; then finally the ball would be passed to one little loser who felt the need to way over extragatged his laughs by actuallying jumping out of his chair and looking at his friends while he did it. his friends couldn't care less, in fact, his friend was more inclined to be holdin' out on his lady then laughing at his bullshit attempt at being 'tom green' esque. so this goes on for about the length of the film.

aside from those dudes, shaun of the dead has to be the best horror film of the year. its a zombie film plain and simple; its not an action film in zombies' clothing. shaun... in some ways reminded me of peter jackson's dead alive; a charming, gory love story.

so in conclusion, i hate the youth of america, but really enjoyed the film.

it can safely be assumed that a majority of you have read the mtv.com article on the postal service and how jared hess is directing their next video. i would like to quote my friend, robin brown: "fuck me, that's depressing". and of course, there's the wonderful quote from your uncle grambo. yet, here's what few seem to remember about the postal service in general, they've always made horrible videos, so i don't see why people are claiming that they're jumping the shark, i just see them continuing a tradition of crap and why not get the dude who made one of the year's most over rated films (and i sincerely would like to say that this will be my last dig against napoleon until the end of the year).

the short list of music have announced their short list of music:
-"desperate youth, bloodthirsty babes" by tv on the radio (i always forget that this one came out this year)
-"franz ferdinand" by franz ferdinand (they won the o.g., british version of these awards, so they shouldn't win)
-"van lear rose" by loretta lynn (ladies & germs, here's your winner, right here)
-"boy in da corner" by dizzee rascal (once again, he won the british one, so he shouldn't be able to win again)
-"get away from me" by nellie mckay (i haven't heard it, so i can't say)
-"a ghost is born" by wilco (i'm like everybody else and i like "yankee..." better)
-"the pretty toney album" by ghostface (wasn't this album regarded by most hip hop critics as a disapointment?)
-"a grand don't come for free" by the streets (if it wasn't for loretta, i'd tell mike skinner to already claim his prize)
-"talkie walkie" by air (you may have noticed that i like air, alot, so you know i think they deserve to win)
-"hot fuss" by the killers (i'd probably give this album second place only because of "mr. brightside")

defamer said it best when they compared lisa kudrow's hbo pilot to "curb.." her series seems to be the whole second season of "curb..." only not funny.

workin' on some night moves

dudes, who knew that some old lady would cause the censors to use the 5 second delay during the emmys?

at least "arrested development" won for best comedy, but there should've been a two way tie between it and "curb..." and larry david should've gotten a special award for being the funniest person on hbo who isn't from kazakhstan. speaking of borat, borat season 2 soundboard.

carlos d of interpol waxes poetic about his high school days, being a metalhead in queens and the metal graffiti crews. crispin glover should turn this into a movie; because to see a kid with iron maddien patches on his denim jacket bombing a subway train would be beyond price less.

angels, baby, why do you have to fold under pressure right when it starts to get interesting? to make matters worse, i was at sunday's game, and the angels probably couldn't even hit a beach ball if it was soft tossed by richard simmons.

the moz father canceled his apperance at the kroq show over the weekend; i don't blame cause who wants to drive to devore? not me. kroq says that they will have a make up show with the moz farhter, so keep a hold of yer stub, dudes.

if you're like me and you're sorta like tilly & the wall's debut, "wild like children,"then you may like pony up. this particular sound has to be the musicial equilvent of now & laters.

one of the better e-zines or at least the one with a url i could remember, light up the sky has a new issue up, yet it's probably their last issue for a while. they're claiming 'at the drive in' status as of right now.

food for thought: could one consider screwed & chopped the american equivelent of dub?

much more later today...

Sep 19, 2004

ladies & gentlemen, may i present to you, mr & mrs federline...

stereogum has got you on lock down on your brit brit-kevin wedding needs

perhaps, the best part of their weekend can be found at fugging it up.

ps. if you aren't already reading fugging it up, today makes an excellent start date.

Sep 17, 2004

staying fat

last night, the oc special gave us an all too brief glimpse into the upcoming season for the show. all i could come away and get excited about, the introduction to the incredible mischa barfin. did y'all see the shot where she throws a friggin' deck chair into a pool? what has julie copper done to push our favorite anorexic over the edge? that will be must see tv.

yet what will most undoubtley become must cringe tv on this season will have to be the bait shop. there's been much written about the apperances of modest mouse, the killers, and the walkmen; its been done, but what has been touched upon is how bad the extras are when listening to the killers sing "mr. brightside". don't they realize how awesome that song is and how blessed they are to be paid to listen to that song and dance to that song? jeepers creepers, i would do that for free and i'd be the best extra ever, shit i'd even offer to get the crew coffee and climb up in the rafters and be a grip just as long as i get to see the killers play and stare at rachel bilson enough, that becomes comedic. i don't understand how they consistently find people who do not know how to rock out to be extras? if you're making a tv show or a film, where you need kids to rock out, holla at your nerd. i'll be the best background extra since the guy with the frisbe & a german shepard in she's all that (if you've never experince the magic known as that extra, then you hate the cinema).

the show's mastermind, josh schwartz came off as rather smug in the interviews during the special. yet to me, the man has missed many gold oppurnities, IE the briefly talked about incident where mischa was thrown into a trash can. hello, why haven't you written into that show somewhere? it'd be absolutely gangbusters; like marissa is at some weirdo, vincent gallo style party, marissa gets slipped a mickey, passes and wakes up in trash can. there are so many moments that are missed with this show. if i were to write an episode, well, i wouldn't say it would be great, it'd just be a smidge true to live here in the oc. my seth storyline would be about him going to amoeba with a girl he met off of my space and the car breaks down and he has to hang out in some scary section of long beach; my marissa storyline is not that she gets throw into a trash can, but she gets into a fight with another girl at a mexican resturant at 3 in the morning and the adult storyline is that they go to an angels game and have a good time, well not sandy cause he gets hit with a baseball.

next week, there'll be another behind the scenes special, which apparently the producers like more than my idea for the next oc special, "the oc: all the drugs i did during my summer break," where we would ask the hard hitting questions to brandon d. (mischa barton's boyfriend) like, "how much coke do you have?" "where do you get all of your coke?" "can one buy coke on credit?" and finally, "can i borrow some of your coke?" adam brody & rachel bilson would talk about hanging out and getting stoned with the dude from rooney and finally benjamin mckenzie would tell the embrassing tale of trying to get some free clothes from abercombie & fitch and none of the employees knew who he was or what show he was on.

since jessica coen has gone all new york city on us, will she still do her "oc" write ups this upcoming season?

dear ladies,

can you dress like marc jacobs spring 2005 collection ? hit the thirft stores to make it work on your dollar, but try really hard because if y'all dress like that it'd be a sofia coppola film every day and we'd feel like bill murray.

anchorman: the legend of ron burgundy out on dvd in late december in four different versions, no less. me, i'm fixing to get the limited edition with wake up, ron burgundy, which is a new film made completely out of deleted scenes from the first film.

collective soul to come back?; i thought that they've been on the underground since like '95 like junior high style.

Sep 16, 2004

did you know that i'm on fire?

i had this really killer bit to write in me head earlier today.

then i took an ap style test and basically, my brain got destroyed.

so i'm paranoid that every sentence i have written since that test is filled with errors.

i'm not that worried about spelling errors that much since we never check our spelling.

and i'm rushing to jam out this entry since i spent my whole afternoon reading the big book of "dos & dont's" and dancing around in my kitchen to bloc party (yeah, they're that good; you'll be air guitaring while making hot dogs and not even notice it).

watch the oc special tonight; although, i wish the special was about how the oc cast spent their summer vacation...(jokes, hopefully, will be down by tomorrow.)

Sep 15, 2004

the sun hangs high in the garbage pale sky

here's me wednesday, boys and ghouls. imagine a hangar where blimps live when they're not getting such lovely arieal shots of the rose bowl. an environment about the size of a football field and half another one. so you have the mental picture, now imagine the blimper hangar after about, let's say six years of neglect.

the thing about hangars is that when they're in use, the doors are always open, so birds fly in and out all the time. so when the hangar closed, all the birds that didn't get out before, were lying on the floor, rotting away. the hangars floors were just covered in dust and bird droppings. in other words, the world's best smell evs. so me and a film class spent 45 minutes sweeping up bones and dust. some were dressed like guerillias with an overwhelming fear of getting the hanta virus.

yet at the same time, being in the hangar and the possibilites of it used for films, just made me giddy. there are a couple marine bases out in the oc that would be perfectly for soundstages. wouldn't it be so awesome to see an actual episode of "the oc" filmed in the oc for once?

the tour of the marine base was rather cool and just seemed ripe for the making of a zombie film. just empty buildings left in tacted. a mess hall, left with its napkin dispencers, salt shakers, and salad bars. and i wish that i had better pictures than my camera phone, but my digital camera was on the fritz while there. i swiped a coloring book, which i'll post some scans of on a slower news day.

dem franchise boyz's single"white tees" has to be kevin federline's theme song. although, his chorus is slightly than the dem franchise boyz:

"i skipp out on paying babies mama in my white tee;
my lady gets chetos stains all over my white tee;
i slam red bull in my white tee
i do my gangster glide in my white tee
i spend my lady's money on my white tee"

anybody who told you to check out either the arcade fire and bloc party should be consider your new best friend since they're totally on their shit and probably make really good mix tapes.

for all the kanye nerds mix unit has a new kanye mix tape which features that cell phone comercial jawn on it.

man, i hope jj wins "the player" tonight. if he loses, then some plucky producer should get him and mr. spears to do a "darrin's dance grooves" style video about how to wear your af1s without the laces and c-walk

Sep 14, 2004

a few post it notes from me to you...

to: the guy in the kia parked on serrano

re: sorry

hey dude, sorry to be all 'joey grecco' steez on you and your lady while i was walking my dog, earlier today. she had to go to the bathroom really bad and we weren't expect to see anybody making out with their ladies on a highly trafficed street. if we stopped you from going to third base, once again, our bad.

not to mention, sorry to laugh at y'all when your kia with the fake wood paneling's engine reved up while you were making out. i don't mean to undermine the true love that you and your special lady friend may have, but it was just hilarious. not even the best writer could've written that joke, dude.


douglas reinhardt

ps. if this is in fact, a 'cheaters' situation, you might wanna go to a spot like a motel as opposed to a street where little kids walk home from school on.

to: ladies & dudes of saddleback college

re: your choice in footwear

hey, i don't mean to ride upon the coat tails of the recent issue of vice, but for pete's sake, your flip flopped feet are ugly and nobody wants to see them. did i miss the post it note from the school saying that everybody has to wear flip flops to school every day? or is this just an 'oc' thing? is it an unspoke rule that we all have to wear flip flops if we live in the oc, like we all have to own at least one social distortion album or at least know the words to "ball & chain"? cause i missed that in the county resident handbook.

sure, flips flops are all right when you're at the beach or whatevs, but when you wear them every where, you're only placating stereotypes. can you please go that extra mile to put on a pair of socks and tie up those laces, so i won't have to stare at your feet anymore? no mani/pedis can make your feet look attractive, feets will always, always be ugly.

don't say you're not wearing flip flops when you wear those stupid ballerina slipers, cause we can still see your ugly big toe and it's gross. i will spare my wrath on platform sandals and ugg boots, only to say this, platform sandals are one way step away from stripper shoes and the biggest decepction this side of the sting

so save your shoeless desires for the comfy confines of your home or the beach.


douglas reinhardt

how about i cook you up some clothes?

i've been reading the faber & faber book, "cassavetes on cassavetes," the past couple o' days and been throughly impressed by the man's words and his passion for making art. the following is a quote in regards to his influences during the making of his seminial film, shadows

"i'd like to feel that people have influenced me, but then when you get on the floor you realize you're reallly alone and no one can influence your work. they can just open you up and give you confidence that the aim for quality is really the greatest power a director can have-if you're in quest of power. in a way, you must be out for power. we wouldn't make films if we didn't think that in some way we could speak for everyone."

the al west race is probably the most intense play off race ever

in some way, i forsee the shins singing the theme song to the revenge of the nerds remake especially with adam brody being attached to the project, but ulimately it'll have alot of wacky and cool camera movements since the cinematic mastero, mcg is attached as well.

Sep 13, 2004

operation: nothing i can do about it is in progress

nelly has officially become the 'axel rose' of hip hop with the release of "sweat" and "suit"; also known as "my plot to bilk even more money out of goofy white kids with horrible taste in rappers". honestly, is the world of hip hop in such dire straits that we need a quasi double album from nelly?

brit brit's greatest hits album is just not "toxic," and "i'm a slave 4 u" over and over again unlike a friend's clash mix cd: "18 tracks and they're all 'rock the casbah' and i'm gonna play it on random."

in a perfect world, u2 and the sex pistols would be both inducted in the rock n roll hall of shame, but sadly, u2 will make it into the rock n roll hall of fame even before gram parsons and the stooges. if i live in a world where george w bush is president again and u2 is in the rock n roll hall of fame while gram parsons is not, i'll be on the first plane to the moon. [the cliff notes version of me & u2: u2 sucks]

while on the subject of the sex pistols, steve jones of the rather painful, "jonesy's jukebox" on indie 103 ceases to be either hip, cool, and, indie because they sell special 'jonesy's jukebox' mugs at coffee bean with a little anarchy logo on it, too.

diddy is gonna make more people walk to junior's to pick him up some cheese cake, but this time it'll be a bunch of girls; although, if i was diddy, i'd bring back dylan just start up some fights.

the pixies & the mars volta & the thrills to play in my backyard i am not sure if i would attend this show due to money and there being about eight hundred other shows i would love to go to.

all tomorrow's parties la's line up, so far. since i live in the oc and its in the lbc, i may have to go just to see the shins again and be all ironic and shit.

oh blogger, where art thou?

i wonder what will last longer: the novelty of the blog's name or the actual process of writing a blog? i sort of shot myself in the foot with my blog name, 'skeet on mischa,' while most hip hop slang is timeless, yet there alot of words that are just utterly cringe worthy ('jiggy' anybody?) and will skeet skeet become one of those? not to mention, i'm not sure that mischa b will have that terribleley long of a shelf life either, so like in a year from now, i'll probably have be all clever and ish and write some where else.

its the little things that worry me; not the bigger picture.

i felt that this past weekend i had been paint as a future serial killer by my neighbors. while going to my car, i ran into a couple of them and they stopped me and say, "you know, i always see you walking your dog and you seem like such a nice guy." of course, i smile, nod, and politely say thanks because i have no effing clue what to say to the person. with these encounters, it seems like in their minds, i'm being painted as a potential mass murderer because i keep to myself and 'seemed like a nice guy,' and this couldn't be further from the truth. i'm not a nice guy, i'm a petty and shallow person. yeah, i walk my dog three times a day because how else is she gonna go to the bathroom and she has health problems that forces me to take her out a few times a day, but that does not make a nice guy. its so frustrating to be labeled and put into this perverbal nice guy corner of the world, even my father looks down upon me for being a nice guy. a few days after a dinner i had with him and a lady friend of his, he told me her opinion of me (which i could care less about) and said, that she thought i was a nice guy. then suddenly, the tone of my father's voice gets more serious and deeper and says, "you know what leykus says about nice guys? they finish last." my own father is throwing me under the bus.

i don't mean to start any feuds, beefs or coastal blogging wars, but i have to say from my studies, all be it extremely limited, young republicans from the oc love napoleon dynamite. so, a vote for pedro, in reality is a vote for george w bush; think about it.

a minor, all be it, not very informed attack against bush here, is it me or is his whole campagin just based around what he didn't do during 9/11 and how kerry flip flops? why doesn't kerry talk about g. dub was doing lines at camp david and running companies into the ground? bar & jenna's blog, dudes; i'm sorta bummed that their blog doesn't say what's on their ipod right now.

sin city comic con footy; there are moments where i think that this film is gonna be gangbusters like when you find out that blonde girl on your street is tall and has back or its gonna be a total bust like when you find out that same girl is still in high school. be warn that the video contains some shadowy carla cugino topless action and far too much jessica alba clothing (if you're a nerd and read the comics, you'll know what i mean and are redonkciously disappointed).

so real world: philly has started, and i have to say that i'll be skipping this one for the rest o' the season. while i do admire the casting of two gay guys, one being super gay, willie and an undercover gay guy, karamon. for what seems like since real wolrd: miami's dan, they'll have the token gay guys who are interesting or at least promentitaly featuring them throughout the storyline, since usually, the token gay guy disappears into the background. this season just lacks that certain spark that san diego had in spades. the abercombine duo of landon & mj look painfully much alike and lack that fighting spirit of brad & randy. i don't think i'll see landon & mj dressed up as the super mario brothers or hooking up with a girl with a fake tooth; they just might start some ish with a dude over stepping on their flip flops while at a bar or during an heated argument, they might pause for that dramatic moment where they turn their hat backwards.

yet the main question that should be on our lips is this? where are the babes? yeah, sarah is sorta babe, but after you introduce amajority of america to what i believe to be a largely california science & art form, the white washed asian babe and you do it in such grand fashion known as jamie, you just can't bring a sarah to the new season. you gotta find the hottest babe in the history of real world that will just shatter all of our lusts of jamie. why didn't you put angela road rules in the real world house? she's a mandy moore type minus the height and a little more up top; not to mention, she's an emotional train wreck.

somebody just give me the head ups when laguna beach just destroys everything.

it's safe to assume that we're all in love with flavor flav on "the surreal life"; rappers are the new go to in reality tv shows, i believe. and if you're a plucky producer and BET, i'm looking directly at you, scroll to the end of catch dubs and watch the dip set in london video; "the dip set world" would be the best show ever, find out what happens when three white kids from idaho live in a house with jim jones, juelz santana, and killa cam when they run out of cristial and start getting real. booya, its estentially a license to print money, suckas.

Sep 10, 2004

tap dancing for these morons...

seriously, i apologize greatly for the lack of jokes and what not, but i've been about as spaced out as mischa b & brandon d these past coupla days. zoning out during lectures and on the freeway; trying to spy on the jailbait from across the street while she washes her car

i think part of the problem is that on the tv, i'm listening to the cast of resident evil 2: apocalypse talk about their characters and their characters' inner demons and motives. why would anybody stress out over their portrayal of a video game character? honestly? wouldn't you just be on the phone, waiting to see a coupla zeros be added to your bank account? i know i would. not to mention, worst movie zombies since this movie

i'll be back to normal on monday, i promise.

Sep 8, 2004

lobster & scrimp

jon caramanica of "pockets fumb fat" said perhaps the most true thing about kanye west: "if i called the new hammer, he'd find a way to make it work for him". its not surprising to see the anti kanye back lash start this soon, since the dude is far from humble, a so so lyrcist, but he makes good beat. so in a year where hip hop just seems in a funk since the retirement of hova and the vaulting of cam'ron's "purple haze," kanye west has sadly made the best album in hip hop with uneven and dull lryics.

yet kanye west has made something of note, IE the boost mobile commerical with ludacris and game of g-unit. watch it here. to say that game of g-unit stole the show, is quite simply an understatement. the game delievered the best verse of any member of g-unit this year. if game is the sole voice of the west coast commerical rap for the rest of the year, we're in good shape; (nobody can rap here anymore since they're too busy fixing goofy white kids' cars). west's beat sounds similar to "two words," but its still a heater and well, luda remends him after the lackluster single, "diamond in the back". so support commercialism, but more importantly, can we get a legit release of this song or game rapping over the beat from his solo record?

"what the world needs are more talentless people" says jet; so they took a mirror and figured out that they're a bunch of hacks as well? "are you gonna be my girl", kidz bop steez

for anybody in the southern california area with money and connections in the industry de cinema, check out what my friends' production company bento productions. these guys have to be some of the most talented people i know and from time to time, they let me hang around their set and take pictures. they got a coupla shorts up there as well, one featuring a cameo from your humble narrator.

while, it should be commended that howard stern has finally gotten off his ass to air uncensored episodes of his e! show, but here's the problem, if you have a mac, like me, you're shit out of luck. if you have a pc and seven bucks, check out the smallest weiner contest. its a great idea to stream things over the internet, but couldn't have stern researched the market a bit better since movie link are a buch of lameys who, "do not anticipate supporting Mac or Linux in the near future". holla at your nerds, if these leak p2p.

prepare your pinky violin whilest i complain about the rather ungodly weather this week in south county. i'm sorry, but to me, september is a month where you begin to pull out the sweaters and long pants in ancipatation of colder weather, not break out the sun screen and head down to the beach cause its 100.

official quicktime the life aquatic heat. doesn't it just make you smile and wish that its out tomorrow?

Sep 7, 2004

an exercise in gluttony

a word to the wise, if its 103 degrees by 10:30 in the morning, do not eat as equally hot pancakes that morning. estenially, its like eating hot rocks. the pancakes just sit in your stomach and you spend the whole rest of your day in a state of flux and frustration. perhaps asking yourself, "why did i go out for pancakes today of all days?"

another word to the wise, chicago style rib eye steak and lobster tails from morton's is probably one of the best meals you'll ever eat.

vincent gallo's the brown bunny is a film that lives up to many expectations levels. is it self indugent? yes. is it pretenious? yes. is it too long? yes. i knew that i was going to be saying those very things before i even saw the film, yet what surprised me was that i actually liked the film, in particular, the last 15 minutes of the film. those last minutes justified the preeceding 80 minutes that felt at times, an ad for vincent gallo's driving school.

i thought that the only highlight i would have walked away from the screening was the sighting of a babe i sorta know and the dude i thought i saw her with, but vincent gallo's q & a after the film was worth the price of admission, only. gallo is an intense and passionate speaker, which surprised me a greatly. i had caught his apperance on stern a couple weeks back and was impressed, but in person, he's a smart and quick witted guy. a few years ago, somebody released a dvd of kevin smith doing an extended q & a and somebody should do the same with gallo. not only does the man provide some honest, extremely honest insight on his own filmmaking process as well getting off the ground and making your own film. his advice: "pay a celebrity in cash half of your budget." not to mention, gallo's infamous celebrity trashing stories, it would be a fucking best seller.

david lynch's wild at heart has to be his most uneven film, ever. there are moments of sheer brilliance in this film like crispin glover's brutually underused 'jingle dell' to nicolas cage doing scissor kicks as if he was at a my chemical romance show, but there are moments, which even for a david lynch film are 'weird'. although, it should be noted when i watched the film, it was 1 in the morning and had been up since 7:30; so my full attention was not necessary on the film; it was sort of like the time i watched scanners at a midnight movie and only woke up when peoples' heads blew up.

making america even more lazier and fattier than once possiblely thought i'm all about being lazy, but this is just too much.

can we call the fendora, the new trucker hat, yet? (although, it should be noted that the link has nothing to do with fendoras its self, other than photos of hipsters wearing fendoras while getting the 'surve on)

no matter how much i love dan the automator and no matter how hot their fans may be, i have to say head automatica has to be the worst automator associated record ever. automator farting into a mic and having kool keith say "boogers" for three minutes straight is way better than head automatica. darrly plumbo's voice is so graiting and annonying epsecially when you hear "brooklyn is burning." such a good automator beat wasted on such a horrible voice. uf, glam elecrtonic rock, some say worst genre ever.

new jojo video! its her and her girls trying to have a good time at magic mountain while being stalked by a bunch of dudes. oh, it reminds me of my days at the orange county fair minus the verse by lil bow wow.

lil bow wow to star in the hip hop xanadu for those who didn't get the reference, check this out

and to be honest, i'm feeling like eli cash, right now. totally spaced out and constantly believeing that today is monday and not tuesday. so i apologize for the lackluster update.

Sep 3, 2004

here's a song for les and ray

dear friends in the greater southern california area, brace yourselves for what may be the hottest and most bestest mall related event since tiffany sang "i think we're alone now" all those years ago.

that's right, ashlee simpson will be blessing the brea mall with her sexy prescene on saturday, october 9th. unsure if the human version of yugioh will be cameoing, but since the only place you can hear his tunes are on peoples' cell phones, don't count him out just yet.

so, this will mark my third and hopefully final attempt at witnessing the magic of ashlee simpson in person. the first time, an in store at best buy in costa mesa was canceled due to family matters and the last time i attempted was the infamous seacrest incident aka the day he got canceled. so wish me luck that i get close to take grainy phone cam pictures.

while on the topic of women in music, i would talk about one who actually has talent, bjork. to be honest, i think that "medulla" has to be the best album bjork has made to date. its easily my favorite album of hers because its like nothing i've heard before, yet at the same time, its everything that i've heard from bjork before. it's this weird, beautiful collage of voices and sounds; its a mastepiece. not to mention, playing this album in my car resulted in some of the most frequent rear window bass related rattling; even more than "straight outta ca$hville" by young buck. just buy it, listen it and try not to cry from the beauty of bjork.

senator zell miller to next take on hulk hogan in a cage match; i am going to challenge getty images to a dance off over placement of their logo over the best part of the picture, getty accepts on the matter of me stealing bandwith from them.

the new beverly is going to screen kill bill vol. 1 & vol. 2 this sunday, monday and tuesday night. most likely, they'll do this double feature again in a month or two, since it's been under the radar and most nerds IE me have been awaiting this, but are annonyed that they're not doing it on a saturday since we were the people who freaked out when we saw the new beverly's name in the credits for vol. 2.

this is where i go to get my haircut; its cheap and there are some babes, although they never seem to cut my hair. will there be conversations about the best show of the summer, "blow out? hopefully.

fleshbot gets the story of miss universe's wardrobe mafunction; see thursday's entry for the money shot.

Sep 2, 2004

filling the void in late night...

while such talented cats like michael ian black and amy sedaris are going to be doing guest hosting stints on the vacanted prime real estate for informercials on most cbs stations, i feel that i would like to throw my name in to the mix.

basically, i want to do a talk show that's like conan o'brien meets dance party usa. so here's what a typical show would be like: the killers are performing and they're performing, you're gonna see the audience dance, me, douglas reinhardt, your host, dance, our first guest, anthony hopkins, dancing, my sidekick, george takei dancing, we couldn't get our second guest, mila kunis to dance, but whatevs. its jokes and jokes, then interview, then a dance party. its as simple as apple pie and we could give birth to the next kelly ripa, which may be a bad thing depending who you is.

on my show, "late night dance party," basically we're gonna go after carson daly's talk show, so if anything, we'd like to be cbs' 1:35 am show. i want to believe that interviewing skills are on par, if not better than carson daly's. yeah, i'm pretty self centered, but i would actually listen to what the person has to say as opposed to primarily relaying on the pre interview and the big blue cards. i make this promise to you, i'm not a big fan of the reception i get, so no interviewed would ever be phoned in. as i mentioned earlier, that my sidekick would be george takei. any self respecting sternaholic knows that a simple laugh from mr takei equals comedy gold.

some nights, i'd like to take the show out on the road, down to the valley, some place like chatsworth and find the sleaziest hot tub this side of a porno, and estentially, do hot tub talk (a treatment i wrote in 2001 for the defunct ptr! show). basically, me, george takei, and our guests in a hot tub, just keepin' it real, drinking mimosas and blaming somebody else for the bubbles we make in the hot tub. sure, i don't truly believe we'd be able to book angeline jolie that night, but maybe some girl from a wb show with rad knoobs whose plugging an apperance in stuff magazine.

so that would be my talk show. musical performance/guest introduction/dance party, monologue/desk chat, 1st guest, 2nd guest, 2nd performance and all out dance party. we'd share some laughs and some popin' fresh dance moves.

one time, when i worked at juice stop, i put a note on the tip jar about jennifer lopez. it said that she came and was really rude to me; people put money in the tip jar and asked questions about her. i said, "yeah, she wanted some skim milk and i had to tell her that we didn't have any and she just stormed out and yelled at me. she was such a bitch." then the person nodded or would say "yeah, she seems like she'd be one." then i think i had about four bucks in the tip jar at the end of my shift and i was working solo, so i kept it all to myself. then other people used celebrities as a way to get tips, but they picked like dudes from *nsync who weren't timberlake and they got no love. so it pays to write some lamey story about a person everybody thinks is a total bitch or at least when you work in a spot with a tip jar. for people who live in the east during the baseball playoffs, write yankees suck and you'll get some money.

so i took another butchers to that new faint album, "wet from birth," what i came with from it was: ever hear that joke about chocolate & peanut butter? no, you got chocolate in my peanut butter. no, you got peanut butter in my chocolate or however the line went on "news radio," which i think was a reference to a paraliment funkadelic song, but anyways, i'm getting sidetrack. "wet from birth" is like, "you got cursive on my cure album" "no you got the cure on my cursive album" or you could say, "you got afi on my hot hot heat album"/ "you got hot hot heat on my afi album". maybe, if i was 15, then the album would be on the top of my list, but its not, its just a mildly good work out record.

wow, roselyn sancher, the star of such landmark cinematic efforts as rush hour 2 and boat trip has made the leap from sexy c list actress to sexy bad singer. man, this has to be a first, right?

i believe that pitchfork is stealing their news from either soviet panda and/or burned by the sun cause interpol touring dates as well as info on the "slow hands" remixes by dan the automator and britt daniel. yours humble narrator maybe unable to attend any of the shows when interpol comes to town unless i grin and bear it and go to ugh, san diego. there hasn't been an ounce of excitement related to san diego ever since jaime real world left town.

annonying ring tones from green day. a friend of mine told me that i was going to be beaten up for my ring tones cause they're annonying. yet how annoyning is having an mp3 of "clocks" as your ring? not at all and to be even cooler, i got that 'zombie crunk' classic, "no problem" as my new ringtone, but i'm working on a whole zombie cell phone motif since my voice mail message is dialogue from day of the dead

on the matter of kobe, i feel that robin brown said it best, "kobe and oj r selling bottles of their sweat and calling it good luck juice." kobe, got lucky. plain and simple, but i think that the lakers are still not terriblely stoked on the season or at least that's the impression i got from interviews done with laker fans. now with this road block out of the upcoming season, people are coming to their senses and realizing that we're replacing one of the greatest centers of all time with vlade fucking divac.

just when you thought the movies couldn't get any better, possible return of the mighty ducks?

poor miss universe jennifer hawkins

Sep 1, 2004

an ending fitting for the start

so i went to class this afternoon and decide to hit the head. i unzip my shorts and blamo, the button of my shorts breaks and falls off. i walk around for a while, but the shorts are slipping too much, so i put a pen cap through the holes where the button normally goes, but thats no help.

so i place a whole pen there and start to walk uncomfortabley to class. i reach my class and ask around if anybody has a safety pin, but i even knew that was fleeting since it was a film class and those types of class are generally populated by nerds like myself. so i sat at my desk and settled in from what would be a three hour class. i sat there for a few thinking if i could talk to professor about going home and changing my pants, but i got the idea of taking my house keys key chain and using that a holder.

so yeah, i wore a key chain as a button and nobody seemed to notice. my shorts fell off my ass a bit, but i didn't really care cause twas eighty bijillion degrees in the old mission.

yeah, i had zero encounters with babes while wearing this horrible cloth contramption, but i had a slight weird, mildly uncomfortable moment. the little sister or niece or whatevs of the jailbait mexican girl from across the street started shouting at me, "she likes you," which i'm on the fence if it was an attempt to embrass me or embrass her sister or just a double shot of embrassment. most likely, the middle cause i already was embrassing with that horrible sweat stain on the back of my shirt.

-the track listing for the new handsome boy modeling school album; el-p + cage + chino from the deftones on an automator/prince paul collabo= interested ears and high potential levels of 'ear delicious'ness [link from the thigh master

-some of the worst news evs, if you're like me and are a sternoholic, defamer says artie lang may be leaving the show. unlike jackie the joke man, artie adds so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, much to the show and i thought we're all gonna see the show end due to political reasons before artie left. its bad enough, this week is best of, now this, uf.

-the new iMac g5 hottness.

-i don't want to ride on the coat tails of unlce grambo, but i have to say that the bush twins are pretty hot and almost got me to switch my vote. i think that everything has been said about their speech has been said already.

scarlett, baby, regardless of whatever spike lee offers you, don't do his movie because spike lee hasn't been relative since '92.