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Sep 29, 2004

being there

for what its worth, mtv finally got something right. the show, "laguna beach," actually captured the real orange county: a bunch of spoiled rich kids that constantly talk about drama and conflict, yet there never is a single moment of conflict or drama in their sheltered lives. the pilot episode was perhaps the most uneventual 30 minutes of television since "joey" say with the exception to the ocassional bikini shot from our babe of the week, kirstin.

at first, i thought the show was phonier than jerry seinfeld, but as i got hooked into the uneventful nature of the show, i realized that is true, this is real life. girls will wear black uggs with a mini skirt and a matching black shirt and engage in the most meaningless conversations where the expression, "hook up" is used at least 7 times in the matter of two minutes. the myth of all orange county kids being witty marvels like seth cohen are long gone, we are people who speaking in two word sentences and a tendencay to over use slang and catch phrases. did you hear how many times kirstin said, "lagging"? somebody call the grammar police and give these kids a thesaurus asap.

the show had it all. the suvs, the trucker hats, the shaggy, shaun white hair and the aforementioned ugg boots. not to mention, the show wasn't full of babes, either.

yet here's the thing about this show, it could've been set in maliboobs and the same show would've happen. there is nothing distinctively "o.c." so far in this show, it could've been any sleepy, small, rich coastal community, along p.c.h. well, the only difference between a malibu black & white affair and a laguna beach black & white affair, is that kimberely stewart might show up with sleezey boyfriend in malibu asking if her brother is there and if he's still sober.

so "laguna beach" is a show that will not blown any spots for the locals, say for taco loco because these kids will not stray further past than south coast plaza during the prom episode. so the indie kids, your fears should be put to the side about your favorite mexican resturant being all over mtv.

clips from team america can be found here and here.

melissa etheridge to get her own sitcom; described as "will & grace" with a kid, but will most likely be the worst bit of sitcom stunt casting since "emeril".

pedro martinez apparently hangs out with a midget for good luck; so i was wondering if i could hang out with rachel bilson for good luck, since she's as tall as a lawn nome.


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