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Sep 21, 2004

dear sophie muller,

please stick to directing videos for gwen stefani & maroon 5.

your latest effort, "the end has no end" by the strokes comes off as a half assed attempt to marry all of the wacky, nutty, out there ideas of kubrick's 2001: a space odyssey to the frustration and strain of relationships from mike nichols' carnal knowledge. i'm sure if you would've pitched this concept to maroon 5 like for the first video from their next album, they would've been all over it cause they're probably going to be in the artist phase and talk about 'progression' alot in their interviews in regards to the new album.

its not too hard to direct a strokes video. check out the video, "someday". its a nutty concept, rock stars playing the feud and hanging out with their buddies, drinking some brew. its not rocket science, miss mueller, just get a lot of angles during the performance and you're solid gold.

placing celebrities such as eve mendes and mila kunis in the video isn't going to get airplay on mtv for the strokes. as sad as it seems, the strokes don't write catchy, crossover soundtrack and soda pop commerical jawns like their aussie counterparts, jet do so frequently. so as much as mtv wants to be the rock station, sadly, they're not. well, they'll play you if you're really punk and all into a nightmare before christmas.

i admire the performance piece of your video, but other wise than that, its just a confusing mess with only one clear thought: somebody wants to direct features really badly, huh?


douglas reinhardt

the man who made huge boobs an art form of sorts, russ meyer has passed away. i've only seen one of his film and remember being really disappointed because i was 14 and there wasn't alot of bare boobies in the film.

i see the new laverne & shirley here, my main man. quick, get aueter zach braff on this one, asap as well as get the yeah yeah yeahs to do the theme song.

while everybody and their kid sister is picking up mean girls and star wars on dvd this week, don't forget these ones as well:
-the john cassavetes box set five of his films plus a nearly three hour documentary on the man
-fellini's la dolce vita.
-mr show: season 4


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