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Sep 1, 2004

an ending fitting for the start

so i went to class this afternoon and decide to hit the head. i unzip my shorts and blamo, the button of my shorts breaks and falls off. i walk around for a while, but the shorts are slipping too much, so i put a pen cap through the holes where the button normally goes, but thats no help.

so i place a whole pen there and start to walk uncomfortabley to class. i reach my class and ask around if anybody has a safety pin, but i even knew that was fleeting since it was a film class and those types of class are generally populated by nerds like myself. so i sat at my desk and settled in from what would be a three hour class. i sat there for a few thinking if i could talk to professor about going home and changing my pants, but i got the idea of taking my house keys key chain and using that a holder.

so yeah, i wore a key chain as a button and nobody seemed to notice. my shorts fell off my ass a bit, but i didn't really care cause twas eighty bijillion degrees in the old mission.

yeah, i had zero encounters with babes while wearing this horrible cloth contramption, but i had a slight weird, mildly uncomfortable moment. the little sister or niece or whatevs of the jailbait mexican girl from across the street started shouting at me, "she likes you," which i'm on the fence if it was an attempt to embrass me or embrass her sister or just a double shot of embrassment. most likely, the middle cause i already was embrassing with that horrible sweat stain on the back of my shirt.

-the track listing for the new handsome boy modeling school album; el-p + cage + chino from the deftones on an automator/prince paul collabo= interested ears and high potential levels of 'ear delicious'ness [link from the thigh master

-some of the worst news evs, if you're like me and are a sternoholic, defamer says artie lang may be leaving the show. unlike jackie the joke man, artie adds so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, much to the show and i thought we're all gonna see the show end due to political reasons before artie left. its bad enough, this week is best of, now this, uf.

-the new iMac g5 hottness.

-i don't want to ride on the coat tails of unlce grambo, but i have to say that the bush twins are pretty hot and almost got me to switch my vote. i think that everything has been said about their speech has been said already.

scarlett, baby, regardless of whatever spike lee offers you, don't do his movie because spike lee hasn't been relative since '92.


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