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Sep 3, 2004

here's a song for les and ray

dear friends in the greater southern california area, brace yourselves for what may be the hottest and most bestest mall related event since tiffany sang "i think we're alone now" all those years ago.

that's right, ashlee simpson will be blessing the brea mall with her sexy prescene on saturday, october 9th. unsure if the human version of yugioh will be cameoing, but since the only place you can hear his tunes are on peoples' cell phones, don't count him out just yet.

so, this will mark my third and hopefully final attempt at witnessing the magic of ashlee simpson in person. the first time, an in store at best buy in costa mesa was canceled due to family matters and the last time i attempted was the infamous seacrest incident aka the day he got canceled. so wish me luck that i get close to take grainy phone cam pictures.

while on the topic of women in music, i would talk about one who actually has talent, bjork. to be honest, i think that "medulla" has to be the best album bjork has made to date. its easily my favorite album of hers because its like nothing i've heard before, yet at the same time, its everything that i've heard from bjork before. it's this weird, beautiful collage of voices and sounds; its a mastepiece. not to mention, playing this album in my car resulted in some of the most frequent rear window bass related rattling; even more than "straight outta ca$hville" by young buck. just buy it, listen it and try not to cry from the beauty of bjork.

senator zell miller to next take on hulk hogan in a cage match; i am going to challenge getty images to a dance off over placement of their logo over the best part of the picture, getty accepts on the matter of me stealing bandwith from them.

the new beverly is going to screen kill bill vol. 1 & vol. 2 this sunday, monday and tuesday night. most likely, they'll do this double feature again in a month or two, since it's been under the radar and most nerds IE me have been awaiting this, but are annonyed that they're not doing it on a saturday since we were the people who freaked out when we saw the new beverly's name in the credits for vol. 2.

this is where i go to get my haircut; its cheap and there are some babes, although they never seem to cut my hair. will there be conversations about the best show of the summer, "blow out? hopefully.

fleshbot gets the story of miss universe's wardrobe mafunction; see thursday's entry for the money shot.


At 3:28 PM , Blogger Uncle Grambo said...

nice Le Tigre reset, yo.

At 6:06 PM , Blogger Douglas Reinhardt said...

you gotta rep the classic le tigre jams, since the latest ones are horrible cut & paste jobs.


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