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Sep 28, 2004

heroes & villians

two painfully important things, kids. if you're gonna read any of this post, make sure its this part:
-boys & girls, we've finally made it to the premiere of mtv's look into my neck of the woods, "laguna beach", tonight at 10:30pm. will local spots be blown by mtv's cameras? find out on wednesday morning.
-bloc party, the hippest band of the year, of the month, of the week, of the day from across the pond will be doing a free show next tuesday at ucla. seriously, take off from work or school, drive down to westwood, stop over at jerry's deli and dance like a fool. if you can't make it to the free show, check out bloc party at spaceland on rocktober 4th and on the 5th at cinespace; you'll probably see steve aoki at all of the shows.

i have a fear that our favorite gangster pop queen, jojo might all get skanked now, since she did a mega phoney air kiss with christina aguilera. jojo doesn't need to be all gallagher'ed out right now. she's too cool for junior high, y'all.

i did something that i'm not a big fan of doing, its called proof reading, and boy howdy, on a couple past posts of mine, i so wished i did that. my writing looks like a cell phone conversation on lake forest drive(which is a joke that one person will get). yet oddly, its our bread & butter, to boldy be consistently inconsistent. so for future reference, if there's a missing word or a mispelling, its totally meant to be.

we may have a gay crush on jude law and all, but, sorry, jude, you look like you have some std on the poster for alfie. with the blurry nature and over all lack of proper exposure from a camera phone picture, its difficult to see it, but the next you to go the movies, tell me that you don't think jude has herpes or something.

wacky movie idea, instead of doing a remake, why didn't the producers of alfie, make an alf movie with jude law. like they go to the caribbean and pick up on chicks; it'd be like dirty rotten scoundrels, cept jude would say, "alf, take that cat out of your mouth!" alot.

social d. has a new album out today and they are such a weird phenomenon out here, that according to the girl at tower, people were buying 2 copies of it at a time ("bro, i gotta have one for the truck and one for the crib"). but for a person who works at tower, she was completely unaware of the oc/social d. connection, citing that everybody had to be into sublime out here.

the third season of "curb.." on dvd in january; people like me who don't have the hbo, are creaming our jeans.

seriously, if this post seems rather flat, its cause, i have eaten at all today, been up since 6:30 in the morning, and saw a major babearaus rex at school, and only wish that babes like her were into bloggers like me.


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