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skeet on mischa

i wouldn't have given you it if i didn't agree

Sep 14, 2004

how about i cook you up some clothes?

i've been reading the faber & faber book, "cassavetes on cassavetes," the past couple o' days and been throughly impressed by the man's words and his passion for making art. the following is a quote in regards to his influences during the making of his seminial film, shadows

"i'd like to feel that people have influenced me, but then when you get on the floor you realize you're reallly alone and no one can influence your work. they can just open you up and give you confidence that the aim for quality is really the greatest power a director can have-if you're in quest of power. in a way, you must be out for power. we wouldn't make films if we didn't think that in some way we could speak for everyone."

the al west race is probably the most intense play off race ever

in some way, i forsee the shins singing the theme song to the revenge of the nerds remake especially with adam brody being attached to the project, but ulimately it'll have alot of wacky and cool camera movements since the cinematic mastero, mcg is attached as well.


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