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Sep 22, 2004

kissing the lipless

could therre be any less buzz or syngergy than drew carrey guest filling in for craggers in late night? i had the oppurnity to catch the trainwreck on tuesday night. drew carrey, who now looks a husband with three kids, who snapped and realized he's gay and decided to spend his mid life crisis money on a pad in south beach, is such a bad interviewer that he'll make you feel good about yourself. you know that you could do a better job. why didn't he try to get any of his buddies to be on his show like jimmy kimmel does or have an overweight woman with far too much eye shadow on, hang out in the corner, so he'll have somebody to play off. each moment was painful and thankfully, i missed his monologue.

d.l. hughley starts his two day stint tonight and next week, look out for michael ian black, and uggh, anna geyster;the guest host list herre

ashlee simpson is a total wanna be in pop music and now, in the movies

everybody is bummin' in the oc over a.k. being out for the season, yet we're sorta stoked that its less than a week until the premiere of "laguna beach"

for those who wished that guy ritchie who stop hanging out with madonna and make a good movie, should watch this, even if it bites the steez of spun a smidge.

i remember one time calling a guy out because his story completely ripped off spun and he was like, "i've never heard of that movie." b-u-l-l-i-s-h!

the fanastic four cast is revealed to the nerd masses, collectively, we say, "why does jessica alba have hair like she's in a winger video about how she's only seventeen and you know what i mean" or we said, "dude, the thing blows".

ultra grrl keeps on posting these photos of a major babearaus rex; we wish she'd stop cause it makes us mad since at the only club we at skeet go to, club bang rarely takes pictures of babes, let alone, babearaus. they only take pictures where people look off to the side and look really lame

napoleon is gonna be out in december on the dvd; i still want to pitch my sketch, "kim jong dynamite" to bobby lee


At 6:16 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 4:46 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha club BANG!!
"ok ok now, lean back against this wall, ok ok, now, turn your head, ok now lift your chin a little, ok now, i want you to stare across the room with your eyes only, really intense-like, ok ok , good, SNAP, ....ok one more"

im in a bang picture. i guess that means im a famous scenester. hooray.

If you like BANG, the same guy who onws it does a party Wednesdays at Bordners called MOSCOW, its right across the st from Blue(the new home of Sunday night scene glory 82).

keep up the good work. peas out.


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