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Sep 24, 2004

last exit

scott herren aka prefuse 73 after making my favorite album in 2003, "one word extinguisher", has made one of the most slept on records of 2004 with his side project, savath & savalas. "apropa't" is on some glitchy, spanish folk zero 7 type of shit which i'm completely shocked that nobody has picked up on yet. the collaboration between herren and spanish folk singer, eva puyuelo muns is quite beautiful and i was lucky enough to catch them at coachella this past year.

yet here's the catch, herren says that the collobrative process between himself and eva puyuelo muns is over. so all those of you who are now getting hip to the sound, should be bummed. and to my three friends that i made watch savath & savalas should thank me. for the true believers, warp records has released an ep entitled, "manana," which nicely ties up the relationship between eva and herren.

anybody know anything else about herren's new sideproject piano overlord, yet? color me very interested; well, basically, whatever herren does, i'm interested.

who would've thought that pat bentar samples and gangsta rap would sound good together? i'm prefer the jim jones remix of "breathe," but then again, i'm a nerdy white kid.

so the other day, i was all stoked about george a romero getting a deal for land of the dead; now i'm mildly depressed over the casting IE john leguizamo why george, why? i don't mind the casting of dennis hopper or asia argento, but i like my romero zombie films with casts of unknown and maybe like one genre actor like a john saxon or a bruce campbell or a reggie bannister type; not fucking john leguizamo, unless he gets eaten by zombies within the first thirty seconds of the film.

i must extend a bit of thanks in the direction of uncle gramdo for mentioning our humble little blog in the lead story of thursday's update.

air drumming has become my new passion as of late. two songs in particular, "banquet" by bloc party and "dead bodies" from the virgin suicides score. i pray that i hit a red light when these songs are on in the car, only so i can do a full fledge, neil pert esque drum solo. seriously, forget all that air guitar revival business, its all about air druming as opposed to my brief idea in the early 2000s, air turn tables.

michel gondry told me to tell you that eternal sunshine of the spotless mind will be out on dvd on tuesday. so don't forget to pick up the new interpol album and that fine film.

if you're gonna be at the air show this weekend, be sure to say hi, cause you know i'll be there, but mostly i'll be on the prowl for any potential sofia coppola sightings, so i ask her for a job on her new film and tell her to get chris doyle to be her d.p., but mostly i'll be there for the music.


At 9:29 AM , Blogger Uncle Grambo said...

Michel Gondry and MTV veejay John Norris ... separated at birth?


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