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Sep 8, 2004

lobster & scrimp

jon caramanica of "pockets fumb fat" said perhaps the most true thing about kanye west: "if i called the new hammer, he'd find a way to make it work for him". its not surprising to see the anti kanye back lash start this soon, since the dude is far from humble, a so so lyrcist, but he makes good beat. so in a year where hip hop just seems in a funk since the retirement of hova and the vaulting of cam'ron's "purple haze," kanye west has sadly made the best album in hip hop with uneven and dull lryics.

yet kanye west has made something of note, IE the boost mobile commerical with ludacris and game of g-unit. watch it here. to say that game of g-unit stole the show, is quite simply an understatement. the game delievered the best verse of any member of g-unit this year. if game is the sole voice of the west coast commerical rap for the rest of the year, we're in good shape; (nobody can rap here anymore since they're too busy fixing goofy white kids' cars). west's beat sounds similar to "two words," but its still a heater and well, luda remends him after the lackluster single, "diamond in the back". so support commercialism, but more importantly, can we get a legit release of this song or game rapping over the beat from his solo record?

"what the world needs are more talentless people" says jet; so they took a mirror and figured out that they're a bunch of hacks as well? "are you gonna be my girl", kidz bop steez

for anybody in the southern california area with money and connections in the industry de cinema, check out what my friends' production company bento productions. these guys have to be some of the most talented people i know and from time to time, they let me hang around their set and take pictures. they got a coupla shorts up there as well, one featuring a cameo from your humble narrator.

while, it should be commended that howard stern has finally gotten off his ass to air uncensored episodes of his e! show, but here's the problem, if you have a mac, like me, you're shit out of luck. if you have a pc and seven bucks, check out the smallest weiner contest. its a great idea to stream things over the internet, but couldn't have stern researched the market a bit better since movie link are a buch of lameys who, "do not anticipate supporting Mac or Linux in the near future". holla at your nerds, if these leak p2p.

prepare your pinky violin whilest i complain about the rather ungodly weather this week in south county. i'm sorry, but to me, september is a month where you begin to pull out the sweaters and long pants in ancipatation of colder weather, not break out the sun screen and head down to the beach cause its 100.

official quicktime the life aquatic heat. doesn't it just make you smile and wish that its out tomorrow?


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