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Sep 13, 2004

oh blogger, where art thou?

i wonder what will last longer: the novelty of the blog's name or the actual process of writing a blog? i sort of shot myself in the foot with my blog name, 'skeet on mischa,' while most hip hop slang is timeless, yet there alot of words that are just utterly cringe worthy ('jiggy' anybody?) and will skeet skeet become one of those? not to mention, i'm not sure that mischa b will have that terribleley long of a shelf life either, so like in a year from now, i'll probably have be all clever and ish and write some where else.

its the little things that worry me; not the bigger picture.

i felt that this past weekend i had been paint as a future serial killer by my neighbors. while going to my car, i ran into a couple of them and they stopped me and say, "you know, i always see you walking your dog and you seem like such a nice guy." of course, i smile, nod, and politely say thanks because i have no effing clue what to say to the person. with these encounters, it seems like in their minds, i'm being painted as a potential mass murderer because i keep to myself and 'seemed like a nice guy,' and this couldn't be further from the truth. i'm not a nice guy, i'm a petty and shallow person. yeah, i walk my dog three times a day because how else is she gonna go to the bathroom and she has health problems that forces me to take her out a few times a day, but that does not make a nice guy. its so frustrating to be labeled and put into this perverbal nice guy corner of the world, even my father looks down upon me for being a nice guy. a few days after a dinner i had with him and a lady friend of his, he told me her opinion of me (which i could care less about) and said, that she thought i was a nice guy. then suddenly, the tone of my father's voice gets more serious and deeper and says, "you know what leykus says about nice guys? they finish last." my own father is throwing me under the bus.

i don't mean to start any feuds, beefs or coastal blogging wars, but i have to say from my studies, all be it extremely limited, young republicans from the oc love napoleon dynamite. so, a vote for pedro, in reality is a vote for george w bush; think about it.

a minor, all be it, not very informed attack against bush here, is it me or is his whole campagin just based around what he didn't do during 9/11 and how kerry flip flops? why doesn't kerry talk about g. dub was doing lines at camp david and running companies into the ground? bar & jenna's blog, dudes; i'm sorta bummed that their blog doesn't say what's on their ipod right now.

sin city comic con footy; there are moments where i think that this film is gonna be gangbusters like when you find out that blonde girl on your street is tall and has back or its gonna be a total bust like when you find out that same girl is still in high school. be warn that the video contains some shadowy carla cugino topless action and far too much jessica alba clothing (if you're a nerd and read the comics, you'll know what i mean and are redonkciously disappointed).

so real world: philly has started, and i have to say that i'll be skipping this one for the rest o' the season. while i do admire the casting of two gay guys, one being super gay, willie and an undercover gay guy, karamon. for what seems like since real wolrd: miami's dan, they'll have the token gay guys who are interesting or at least promentitaly featuring them throughout the storyline, since usually, the token gay guy disappears into the background. this season just lacks that certain spark that san diego had in spades. the abercombine duo of landon & mj look painfully much alike and lack that fighting spirit of brad & randy. i don't think i'll see landon & mj dressed up as the super mario brothers or hooking up with a girl with a fake tooth; they just might start some ish with a dude over stepping on their flip flops while at a bar or during an heated argument, they might pause for that dramatic moment where they turn their hat backwards.

yet the main question that should be on our lips is this? where are the babes? yeah, sarah is sorta babe, but after you introduce amajority of america to what i believe to be a largely california science & art form, the white washed asian babe and you do it in such grand fashion known as jamie, you just can't bring a sarah to the new season. you gotta find the hottest babe in the history of real world that will just shatter all of our lusts of jamie. why didn't you put angela road rules in the real world house? she's a mandy moore type minus the height and a little more up top; not to mention, she's an emotional train wreck.

somebody just give me the head ups when laguna beach just destroys everything.

it's safe to assume that we're all in love with flavor flav on "the surreal life"; rappers are the new go to in reality tv shows, i believe. and if you're a plucky producer and BET, i'm looking directly at you, scroll to the end of catch dubs and watch the dip set in london video; "the dip set world" would be the best show ever, find out what happens when three white kids from idaho live in a house with jim jones, juelz santana, and killa cam when they run out of cristial and start getting real. booya, its estentially a license to print money, suckas.


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