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Sep 13, 2004

operation: nothing i can do about it is in progress

nelly has officially become the 'axel rose' of hip hop with the release of "sweat" and "suit"; also known as "my plot to bilk even more money out of goofy white kids with horrible taste in rappers". honestly, is the world of hip hop in such dire straits that we need a quasi double album from nelly?

brit brit's greatest hits album is just not "toxic," and "i'm a slave 4 u" over and over again unlike a friend's clash mix cd: "18 tracks and they're all 'rock the casbah' and i'm gonna play it on random."

in a perfect world, u2 and the sex pistols would be both inducted in the rock n roll hall of shame, but sadly, u2 will make it into the rock n roll hall of fame even before gram parsons and the stooges. if i live in a world where george w bush is president again and u2 is in the rock n roll hall of fame while gram parsons is not, i'll be on the first plane to the moon. [the cliff notes version of me & u2: u2 sucks]

while on the subject of the sex pistols, steve jones of the rather painful, "jonesy's jukebox" on indie 103 ceases to be either hip, cool, and, indie because they sell special 'jonesy's jukebox' mugs at coffee bean with a little anarchy logo on it, too.

diddy is gonna make more people walk to junior's to pick him up some cheese cake, but this time it'll be a bunch of girls; although, if i was diddy, i'd bring back dylan just start up some fights.

the pixies & the mars volta & the thrills to play in my backyard i am not sure if i would attend this show due to money and there being about eight hundred other shows i would love to go to.

all tomorrow's parties la's line up, so far. since i live in the oc and its in the lbc, i may have to go just to see the shins again and be all ironic and shit.


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