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skeet on mischa

i wouldn't have given you it if i didn't agree

Sep 27, 2004

polaroid scene has to change its domain names. they're taking suggestions. me, i'm on the fence about sending in my new name suggestions, like steveaokisdanceparty.com; iwanttobeterryrichardson.com; babesinfendoras.com; hipsterssuck.com; lacreeps.com; deathtothescene.com; nottoosocial.com; justagooddrinker.com; hipcheese.com; hipsthatkill.com; dudeswhostillweartruckerhats.com; ilikefreebeer.com. you know something like that.

and in all honesty, i'm not knocking that dude cuz he gets to party, meet babes and hang out with steve aoki. if you've been a devoted reader of my words, then you should know about me and my wishes to meet steve aoki. i got close one night, i told a buddy of his that i liked his record label and the friend gave me the thumbs up.

and if i was a social butterfly and made it on that site, you totally know i'd write about it and tell my family about it. "i finally made it as a cewebriity!"


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