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Sep 15, 2004

the sun hangs high in the garbage pale sky

here's me wednesday, boys and ghouls. imagine a hangar where blimps live when they're not getting such lovely arieal shots of the rose bowl. an environment about the size of a football field and half another one. so you have the mental picture, now imagine the blimper hangar after about, let's say six years of neglect.

the thing about hangars is that when they're in use, the doors are always open, so birds fly in and out all the time. so when the hangar closed, all the birds that didn't get out before, were lying on the floor, rotting away. the hangars floors were just covered in dust and bird droppings. in other words, the world's best smell evs. so me and a film class spent 45 minutes sweeping up bones and dust. some were dressed like guerillias with an overwhelming fear of getting the hanta virus.

yet at the same time, being in the hangar and the possibilites of it used for films, just made me giddy. there are a couple marine bases out in the oc that would be perfectly for soundstages. wouldn't it be so awesome to see an actual episode of "the oc" filmed in the oc for once?

the tour of the marine base was rather cool and just seemed ripe for the making of a zombie film. just empty buildings left in tacted. a mess hall, left with its napkin dispencers, salt shakers, and salad bars. and i wish that i had better pictures than my camera phone, but my digital camera was on the fritz while there. i swiped a coloring book, which i'll post some scans of on a slower news day.

dem franchise boyz's single"white tees" has to be kevin federline's theme song. although, his chorus is slightly than the dem franchise boyz:

"i skipp out on paying babies mama in my white tee;
my lady gets chetos stains all over my white tee;
i slam red bull in my white tee
i do my gangster glide in my white tee
i spend my lady's money on my white tee"

anybody who told you to check out either the arcade fire and bloc party should be consider your new best friend since they're totally on their shit and probably make really good mix tapes.

for all the kanye nerds mix unit has a new kanye mix tape which features that cell phone comercial jawn on it.

man, i hope jj wins "the player" tonight. if he loses, then some plucky producer should get him and mr. spears to do a "darrin's dance grooves" style video about how to wear your af1s without the laces and c-walk


At 12:56 AM , Blogger diane said...

i had/have an internship with the silver lake film festival this summer and ran across this idea in the office. turns out they're actually doing it. since you're the only person i know with cinematic ambitions i thought i'd let you know.

go to silverlakefilmfestival.org, click on Fringe Fest and then click on Movie Drill.

it sounds like fun,


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