&t skeet on mischa: tap dancing for these morons...

skeet on mischa

i wouldn't have given you it if i didn't agree

Sep 10, 2004

tap dancing for these morons...

seriously, i apologize greatly for the lack of jokes and what not, but i've been about as spaced out as mischa b & brandon d these past coupla days. zoning out during lectures and on the freeway; trying to spy on the jailbait from across the street while she washes her car

i think part of the problem is that on the tv, i'm listening to the cast of resident evil 2: apocalypse talk about their characters and their characters' inner demons and motives. why would anybody stress out over their portrayal of a video game character? honestly? wouldn't you just be on the phone, waiting to see a coupla zeros be added to your bank account? i know i would. not to mention, worst movie zombies since this movie

i'll be back to normal on monday, i promise.


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