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Sep 20, 2004

there's a starman waiting in the sky...

nice peace medallion, dude. what? were they out of coke spoon necklaces?

over the weekend, i had this thing in my head that i was dying to write. in a way, it was my riot act against the youth of america; the kids in the early to mid teens. it was going to be really clever and smart, but somewhere in my weekend, my train of thought took off to new mexico and not to my laptop. rushing back and forth to home depot three times in the span of two hours to buy lights, then to buy new light covers cause the old ones were broken while installing the lights, then to reteurn the light covers cause they weren't the right size and find the right ones. even after all of that, your kitchen is too bright and two out of three light covers don't fit right, and each time, in the car, it seems that "everyone" by van morrison is the only song that is on. so through the sweat and frustration, i lost it.

what spurred me on to begin with was these stupid kids during a screening of shaun of the dead. it was like pinball between these teenagers of who would over do the laughs and comments during the film. i'm not one to frawn upon during a bad movie like bring it on or well any kirsten dunst teen comedy pretty much is ripe with jokes to be made, but here's the thing, these kids' jokes had nothing to do with the film or add anything to the film, they just said the newfound slang mixture of "napoleon" speak meets "surfer dude," 'hehe, its a movie.'

you see that was just one group, so the ball is now passed over to another set of dudebros will do a varation of the first set of dudebros; then finally the ball would be passed to one little loser who felt the need to way over extragatged his laughs by actuallying jumping out of his chair and looking at his friends while he did it. his friends couldn't care less, in fact, his friend was more inclined to be holdin' out on his lady then laughing at his bullshit attempt at being 'tom green' esque. so this goes on for about the length of the film.

aside from those dudes, shaun of the dead has to be the best horror film of the year. its a zombie film plain and simple; its not an action film in zombies' clothing. shaun... in some ways reminded me of peter jackson's dead alive; a charming, gory love story.

so in conclusion, i hate the youth of america, but really enjoyed the film.

it can safely be assumed that a majority of you have read the mtv.com article on the postal service and how jared hess is directing their next video. i would like to quote my friend, robin brown: "fuck me, that's depressing". and of course, there's the wonderful quote from your uncle grambo. yet, here's what few seem to remember about the postal service in general, they've always made horrible videos, so i don't see why people are claiming that they're jumping the shark, i just see them continuing a tradition of crap and why not get the dude who made one of the year's most over rated films (and i sincerely would like to say that this will be my last dig against napoleon until the end of the year).

the short list of music have announced their short list of music:
-"desperate youth, bloodthirsty babes" by tv on the radio (i always forget that this one came out this year)
-"franz ferdinand" by franz ferdinand (they won the o.g., british version of these awards, so they shouldn't win)
-"van lear rose" by loretta lynn (ladies & germs, here's your winner, right here)
-"boy in da corner" by dizzee rascal (once again, he won the british one, so he shouldn't be able to win again)
-"get away from me" by nellie mckay (i haven't heard it, so i can't say)
-"a ghost is born" by wilco (i'm like everybody else and i like "yankee..." better)
-"the pretty toney album" by ghostface (wasn't this album regarded by most hip hop critics as a disapointment?)
-"a grand don't come for free" by the streets (if it wasn't for loretta, i'd tell mike skinner to already claim his prize)
-"talkie walkie" by air (you may have noticed that i like air, alot, so you know i think they deserve to win)
-"hot fuss" by the killers (i'd probably give this album second place only because of "mr. brightside")

defamer said it best when they compared lisa kudrow's hbo pilot to "curb.." her series seems to be the whole second season of "curb..." only not funny.


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