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Sep 20, 2004

workin' on some night moves

dudes, who knew that some old lady would cause the censors to use the 5 second delay during the emmys?

at least "arrested development" won for best comedy, but there should've been a two way tie between it and "curb..." and larry david should've gotten a special award for being the funniest person on hbo who isn't from kazakhstan. speaking of borat, borat season 2 soundboard.

carlos d of interpol waxes poetic about his high school days, being a metalhead in queens and the metal graffiti crews. crispin glover should turn this into a movie; because to see a kid with iron maddien patches on his denim jacket bombing a subway train would be beyond price less.

angels, baby, why do you have to fold under pressure right when it starts to get interesting? to make matters worse, i was at sunday's game, and the angels probably couldn't even hit a beach ball if it was soft tossed by richard simmons.

the moz father canceled his apperance at the kroq show over the weekend; i don't blame cause who wants to drive to devore? not me. kroq says that they will have a make up show with the moz farhter, so keep a hold of yer stub, dudes.

if you're like me and you're sorta like tilly & the wall's debut, "wild like children,"then you may like pony up. this particular sound has to be the musicial equilvent of now & laters.

one of the better e-zines or at least the one with a url i could remember, light up the sky has a new issue up, yet it's probably their last issue for a while. they're claiming 'at the drive in' status as of right now.

food for thought: could one consider screwed & chopped the american equivelent of dub?

much more later today...


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