&t skeet on mischa: yeah, i'll steal buy their records though

skeet on mischa

i wouldn't have given you it if i didn't agree

Sep 21, 2004

yeah, i'll steal buy their records though

dig! will be playing on october 8th at the cinemas next to uci. supposedly, this is one of the best rockumentary since martin dibergi picked up a camera. check out the trailer

and sadly, kids, i might have too much on my plate this particular week to keep up with the joness in the blogosphere. classes are being such a bummer right now. like this weekend, is the weekend of air with the la phil at the hollywood bowl, something i've been waiting for aboot 3 months now. so school is a major dick and is like, 'nah, dude, you can't have a good time. we're gonna fuck with your weekend major league.'

i just think that one needs to give first time tv production kids a little more than a week and a half to produce an interview segment especially when your team seems extremely invorted and you'll be the one on camera even though you're trying reallly hard to look like pete doughtery and not be camera friendly.

adios amigos!


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