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Oct 20, 2004

the bitch in you

"i don't want those umpires to meet anymore because every time they meet, it goes against the yankees."-alex rodriguez how did he ever believe that call was going to be in his favor? sure, i understand his reasoning behind knocking over that jared leto look alike, bronson arroyo, but there would be no way in hell that can would not have been under review. seriously, if the sox take game 7, it's the beginning of the end, dudes.

the only snaps i'll make about "laguna beach" is that i thought about three or four times that morgan was gonna try and make out with christina. morgan reminds me of a character done by anna gasteyer on snl a few years back, the character was a teenaged girl who said the following: "i want to eat christina ricci, so she could be inside of me" or something like that, okay, morgan is totally like that girl. she wants to eat christina, so she could even more closer to her or she wants to be eaten by christina, so she could be that much closer to christina.

judd apatow & steve carell makin' the leap to the big screen together seth rogen, who i hold a spot in my comedy hall of fame for his monologue on "undecleared" on the film, you've got mail is involved in the project as well. its a smart move for apatow to direct his own script for once instead of letting mildly hacky directors (ben stiller) handle his scripts.

ted leo, where have you been all my life? after what seems to be months, if not years of recommendations and good words from missy, i've listened maybe about half of his latest album, "shake the sheets," and its brought me back to those good, up beat vibes that i had on last saturday night, which couldn't make its way through the start of the week, but now, i really believe i could face the rest of my potentially hellacious week. you know ted leo writes some good songs when toby keith fans are digging on it.

contray to this person's thoughts, i have to believe that the fanastic four is looking even more gallagher with each tid bit revealed; the thing looks like a bunch of orange legos; why couldn't they have made it when lawrence tierney was alive and just spray painted him orange instead. we all know that line from dogs.

billboard says that scott herren is nearly complete with the latest prefuse73 album, in addition to a collection of collaborative jawns with the books; personally, i'm eagerly await piano overload, anybody heard anything yet?

gwen's gonna charge an arm & an leg for deluxe editions of her 'jock jams' esque solo record cuz her husband gotta pay child support, y'all


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