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Oct 18, 2004

blood on our hands

is this being too much of an over bearing mother when you start to worry about the well being of celebrities after combing through getty images and not seeing them at any recent events? i've been missing on samaire armstrong and i've started to worry that she's not partyin' anymore. i've left her a couple of voice mails to see how she's doing and you know, if she's still going to parties. does anybody know if she still parties, and by parties, i don't mean the 'druggie' kind of partying, i mean doing sassy poses at the premiere for the latest jerry o'conell snooze fest.

ways to get out of a slump or at least how i got out of my slump this past weekend:
-"fellas style" dinner of steak & lobster with robin brown and my father where he asks about 'booty call' etiquette
-watch david o. russell's i heart huckabees. i liked it, alot. very funny and for my money, the best satire of modern american culture since forever; strictly for nerds who can name check and say 'it reminded me of bunuel's the phantom of liberty and schizpolois'. i yearn to see it again.
-"you're a woman, i'm a machine" by death from above1979. i've been patiently waiting for what seems to be years for their full length; well ever since the first time i saw them. i spent numerous emails to the late light up the sky about when death from above's full length comes, it'll be the best album of the year. so after a couple of listens, i haven't made it past the songs: "blood on our hands" and "black history month," they are the only two songs i've heard in my car this past weekend. i can't tell you why those songs are so good, you have to hear for yourself, but i'll just say that death from above1979 are to indie rock what crunk music is to hip hop, yet there's so much more to them.

it seems that i have a large readership from the east coast, so can anybody tell me if all the girls there are like thisbabe? if so, i'm moving and i may need to get into contact with somebody, so i can sleep on their floor until i get my situation taken care of.

one of the dudes in hot hot heat quits the band; perhaps he finally realized that they were going to be more like u2 and less of a le shok knock off back when they started out.

sure, i sorta understood curtis hanson's decision to direct 8 mile, but why is jim sheridan directing the 50 cent film? jim sheridan directed films like my left foot, which honestly i believe that neither dre, em, or 50 really felt or even ever heard of. somebody better check sheridan's eyes cause i think there might be dollar signs, y'all.

the 7 hottest directors in the biz, right now!, wait, what? was this article written in 1999? are they write about this hot young up & comer orson welles, next week?

for all of you shoegazers, listen to these jams cuz you may enjoy them.

oh, simon le bon, we know where your eyes are and believe you me, we'd look in the same direction or do i mean, erection, if wes was you; how to get that scarlett look, but i've seen so many girls who alot like her; they just don't dress like her.

samaire just called me back and said that she does all her partying at wire image these days. now, i don't have to worry, but she did ask me if i could send some money cause pilot season didn't go so well and she's unsure about the status of "entourage".


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