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skeet on mischa

i wouldn't have given you it if i didn't agree

Oct 21, 2004


do i need to come up with a punchline for this? because, this is basically madlibs and i know you're all taleneted enough to come up with your own witty remark.

wow, how uncool is mischa b nowadays? on the blow, can't drive a car, and now she's paid to party for swatch watches with bill gates. where can you even buy a swatch watch these days? at the gas station down the street?

i like it when girls wear paul frank jeans cause it gives you an excuse to check out their backside a couple of times. "oh, who made those jeans?" you look at the booya, and you slyly say, "oh, paul frank. he makes cool stuff."

in other news, if paul franks wants to send me free stuff, he totally can. i can be reached very easily.

i have such a crush on kathleen hanna that it wouldn't allow me to say anything bad about the new le tigre album, "this island," other than the first single, 'the new kicks' was a terrible choice. le tigre isn't trying to re invent the wheel, they're just bringing some more hot fresh rollerskating jawns; pitchfork begs to differ though.

complaints from the bourgeiusue:
-is it just me or do you feel like you're peeing you pants when you turn on your seat heater? i have it on low and all, but i dunno...
-i'm such a designer jeans fiend that i'm even thinking of buying these cause probably, they'd be the only pair of women's pants i could possiblely rock.

and if you haven't heard, hell has frozen over; yankee fans cancel their plans to mail pedro materinez copies of the film, who's your daddy instead, sox fans will send yankee fans copies of the new ted leo album, with a note attached, "listen to track 5 a couple of timese and blame everything on the newly minted a-rod curse."


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