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Oct 13, 2004

fahsion is wearable art

i'm trying, ringo. i'm trying really hard not to write about "laguna beach". while it seems that particular show has become my bread & butter, not to mention a source of the majority hits that we receive here. i had it all planned in my head; one thing without mentioning and see how quickly hits fall, but trey and l.c. just had to talk about fashion. could anything less ludacris come out of their mouths. it's like what robert smith said about fashion, "it's all rubbish".

an editorial about the show was written in my school's newspaper and it could not have been a less focused attack on the show. the writer who grew up in laguna, was locked on writing about the rather large gay community of laguna and how these kids are ruining his childhood memories. what a fucking baby. sure, i pissed and moaned about the show when it first came on the scene, but the fact is, it does amazing job of showing what happens in this area, nothing. absolutely nothing ever happens here.

we are a county of rich spoiled kids or at least a high percentage of this area are. so to have a show where a girl goes on a date to an audi dealership doesn't seem that slanderous, if you will. we are shallow, we are void of any interesting thought and we wear ugg boots in 90 degree weather.

speaking of ludacris, apparently, spike jonze was going to direct the video for luda's latest single, but swchedule problems came up. in other words, karen o said no more poonanny if spike directed a luda video.

for those about to head out to the gym..
-fluxblog has the eagerly awaited kylie/scissor sisters collabo; its a new genre, y'all. motivation disco
-stereogum has gwen's new video or as i like to call it, 'gwendtatption' you'll swear it's a la chappelle waste of money, but word around the camp fire its not.

presidental debate tonight, y'all. i wanted to make some joke about a drinking game and the president of poland, but the debate is supposedly alls about domestic issues, so that's out of the picture.


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