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Oct 7, 2004

honesty in motion

here's your semi regular, polaroid scene dot com babe o' the day; you just know that this girl is thinkin' "yeah, i'm gonna be on polariod scene, then i'm gonna be written about by some nerdy shut in on his blog. i'm gonna toot my horn, two times for this, honk! honk!"

dude, the halos are self destructing and alls i can say is, "what the fudge?!?" and since when was chone figgins all 'david spade' and shit; memo to artie moreno for this off season: re sign glaus and spend the rest of your money on better starting pitching; the bullpen is like a solid gold dancer back in the day, but the starters are like a solid gold dancer today

at least torii hunter is makin' us smile during the playoff, shame their series is knots.

i believe that the blogosphere has affected my creative process. unsure for good or for durst as of yet. in tv, i pitched two ideas for this visual project. one was to chronicle the downfall of brit-brit set to "not a girl, yet not a woman" and the other was to the chronicle to the feud between lohan, duff, and avaril set to that one song from battle royale. i dunno.


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