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Oct 2, 2004

hoping for a freeway series...

angels win the west


the dodgers win the west, as well.

while, we may not be the biggest dodgers fans and we will most certainly not turn into dodger fans during the playoffs, but that 9th inning had to have been some of the most intense baseball since the end of the angels' game, about 20 minutes earlier. since that angels game was as equally nail bitting and crazy. the halos lucked out when the a's manager who looks like larry david fudged up and took out barry zito.

the dodgers win will place a big shadow over the angels victory, which is utterly gallagher, since the angels are vastly superior team. better pitching, better hitting, better fielding and i'll bet you dollars to donuts that the angels have better walk up to the plate music, while adam kennedy may be out for the season, the dude walked to the plate on a crunk tip. what does the dodgers walk up to? william hung. i don't know about you, but that spells out, g-a-y! to me.

so while i would like to say, congrats to the dodgers, i feel more comfortable saying, fuck the dodgers, let's go halos!

ps. bring on the yankees, but we'd like to see pedro and his dwarf; watch him dance here and his bio here


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